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Health and Accident Insurance

Health and Accident insurance

Fordham University is concerned about the health of our students and the high cost of medical care. We are also concerned about the increasing number of students attending college without the safety net of medical insurance and are therefore committed to providing an array of comprehensive health insurance services. All registered students, full and part-time graduate and undergraduate are automatically enrolled in a basic medical insurance policy covering accidents, while they are enrolled at the university. The maximum benefit per accident is $2,500.00. In addition, part-time students and undergraduate students can enroll in health insurance under a voluntary basis. Graduate students taking 6 credits or more are automatically charged for insurance on their student accounts, but have the option to waive the insurance if they have their own health insurance plan.

Information regarding supplemental health insurance plans can be accessed via the Fordham University’s web site: and follow the link to Special Risks Consultants or by calling Special Risks Consultants, 172 Bechtel Road, Collegeville, PA 19426, Toll free number 1-800-322-9901 or students can also call Maritza Rivera-Garcia University Health Insurance Compliance Administrator at 718-817-4164 or email

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