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Students of Fordham University are not authorized to sign contracts or enter into any legally binding agreement on behalf of the University. Only the appointed legal representatives of the University administration are authorized to enter into contracts binding upon the University.

If any student, whether he/she is of legal age or a minor, signs any legal agreement or contract, he/she does so as an individual and at his or her own risk. The University is not a party to, nor legally responsible for, any such contract. A representative of a student club or organization may not act as an agent of the University when he/she signs a contract, and must not represent himself/herself as such an agent.  It is important to remember that a contract for any activity of a student club or organization must be approved and signed by the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, or his/her authorized designee.

The University will not be held responsible for any contract signed or for any debt incurred by any individual student or student organization.

Updated on Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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