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Notification to Parents/Guardians

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Title IX Grievance Procedures for Complaints of Sex Discrimination (including Sexual Harrassment),



Withdrawal by the University

Drug Free Campus Guidelines

Campus Assault and Relationship Education (CARE)

CARE/Sexual Violence FAQ


All communities, especially those established and created at colleges and universities, possess standards of conduct. At Fordham, these standards spring from the Mission of the University, and are integral to the development of each student.

Guided by its Catholic and Jesuit traditions, Fordham fosters the intellectual, moral and religious development of its students and prepares them for leadership in a global society.

The high standards embodied in the Code of Conduct, rules, regulations and processes listed in this section of the Student Handbook have been developed through the cooperative efforts of students, faculty and administrative officers.  Students agree to abide by and comply with each of these standards upon enrollment. Although the University enforces these standards through the student conduct processes described herein, it is the first and foremost responsibility of Fordham students to hold themselves and their fellow students to these clear and high standards. In this way, the Mission of the University is truly advanced.

Click to be taken to the Drug-Free Campus Guidelines and the Campus Assault and Relationship Education (CARE) brochures.

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