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Identification Cards

Identification Card

Identification cards are issued to all members of the University Community and are used to assist University personnel with security and access. Individuals are required to carry their ID card at all times while on campus. ID cards are necessary to gain access to University buildings, to use the University libraries, computer labs, and other services. ID cards must be presented on the demand of appropriate University personnel.

ID cards are issued at the beginning of the fall semester and throughout the year for new students only. The card is issued once only, and is a permanent card to be kept and used by the student for his entire school career at Fordham University. All pictures are stored digitally on a network server and any required reissue of this card will come from the current database. Information regarding distribution of cards and opportunities for photos will be posted throughout campus at the beginning of the academic year.

There is no charge for the initial ID card, but there is a $20.00 fee for replacing a lost or stolen card or retaking a picture. There is no fee for damaged or broken cards but the defective card must be turned in at the time the replacement card is requested. A schedule of ID Center office hours will be posted at the beginning of each semester.


For complete details on ID card capabilities and procedures, please see the Fordham web site:, resources tab, Safety & Security, New ID Card/Frequently Asked Questions.

Please Note: ID cards will not be issued without proper authorization or verification of status. When requesting a Fordham ID, please know your F.I.D.N. (Fordham Identification Number) which can be found on under the Student tab.

Brian Daly, Duplicating & ID Services

Lowenstein SL128A, (212) 636-6048

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