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Distribution of Literature

Distribution of Literature

The policy for outside agencies differs from that for students and their registered organizations.

  1. Outside agencies are required to have the written permission of the Dean of Students for such distribution. Where permission is granted a place for distribution is assigned, table and chairs provided, and the normal assistance and courtesies extended.
  2. Registered student organizations are free to distribute literature with the approval of the Assistant Dean or Director of Student Leadership and Community Development. The source of the material and the name of the organization must be stated. The organization and the individual students participating are held responsible for ensuring that no University policy is violated and that there is no justified complaint on the grounds of obscenity or libel.
  3. Individual students, if sponsored by a University club, office, or department, are similarly free to distribute, with the same responsibilities as student organizations.
  4. Distribution in classrooms, at registration, in the library, and from door-to-door in the residence halls is not permitted.
  5. There are special regulations governing candidates for student government offices during the period of campaign and elections. These are adopted by the United Student Government.
  6. The placing of handouts or flyers on automobiles parked on campus is prohibited as it draws attention to automobiles that are not used every day, thus making them easy prey to vandals.

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