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Publicity and Posting

Publicity and Posting

The Office of Student Leadership and Community Development, with the United Student Government, requires that the posting of materials conform to the following standards:

Procedures and Allowances
  1. Clubs, organizations, and University departments may post their materials in any designated area only after it has been stamped "Approved for Posting: Office of Student Leadership and Community Development. Date of removal will be one day after activity is to occur or the Monday following a weekend event"
  2. Each poster or flyer must contain the following information:
    1. Name of sponsoring organization
    2. Admission cost (if any)
    3. Title of program or activity
    4. Date, time, and location of activity
    5. Poster termination date (if applicable, see 12.)
  3. Posting is permitted at:
    1. McGinley Campus Center: bulletin board areas with permission from the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development.
    2. Bulletin boards in academic buildings at the Rose Hill Campus.
    3. On the fence posts around Edwards Parade and Alpha House.
      Note: Posting is not permitted on the metal bars around Edwards Parade.
    4. Lowenstein Building: Posting is permitted on the elevator bank waiting areas on each floor except (6,7 &10). Posting cannot be on panels with buttons, emergency phones, and within three feet of the fire panel. On the indoor Plaza Level, postings are limited to display panels and must be contained within the dimensions of the display board. Posting is permitted on the bulletin board on the Street Level hallway connecting McMahon Hall and the Lowenstein Building.
    5. Residence Halls: please contact the Office of Residential Life for approved areas.
  1. Posting on glass (i.e. windows), doors, machines, elevators, walls, ceilings, street lamps, or floors is prohibited.
  2. No advertising is permitted on the sidewalks or roads on campus, including posters, flyers, and chalk writing.
  3. Boards outside the Rose Hill Gym may not be used for posting.
  4. Posting on University fences inside or out (with the exception of the fences surrounding Edwards Parade and Alpha House) is prohibited.
  5. Extension of leaflets more than six inches over blackboard space next to bulletin board (for leaflets posted in classrooms at Rose Hill) is not allowed. (Posting in the classrooms in not permitted in the Lowenstein Building.)
  6. Leaflets or flyers are not allowed to be distributed inside or outside the parking lots, or to be placed on automobiles.
  7. Club and organization materials are not to be distributed in campus dining areas, in the McGinley Campus Center, in outdoor public areas of the University, or Lowenstein Building without the specific approval of the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development. This office also approves general distribution of material in the McGinley Campus Center and campus dining areas.
  8. Monopolizing bulletin board space is not permitted.
  9. A club or organization may not cover the legally-posted material of another club or organization and may not tear down same.
  10. Publicity may not contain a direct or implied reference to the intended availability of alcohol.
  11. Off-campus promotion and advertising is prohibited.
  12. In the event that the posted material does not specifically reference an event with a finite date, a club or organization must indicate a posting termination date which will be used as the end of posting date on the Approved for Posting stamp. For the Lowenstein Building, the finite date is generally two weeks from the time to posting is approved.
  13. If a club or organization’s posted publication has exceeded its termination date or the date of the advertised event has passed, it may be taken down by Custodial Services and staff in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development. Any member of the Fordham community may de-post fliers after the end of posting date.

Posting Procedures Offenses

Failure to comply with posting procedures will result in the following sanctions:
First Offense:         
Written letter of warning.
Second Offense:
    Posting privileges denied for the month.
Third Offense:
        Posting privileges denied for the remainder of the semester.

Updated on August 12, 2014

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