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Student Activities Budget Committee

Student Activities Budget Committee Guidelines

Goals of the Budget Committee

  1. Promote the educational and personal development of Fordham students by providing co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which will foster the greatest interaction among students.
  2. Provide funding for activities for students which foster intellectual growth and offer opportunities to develop leadership qualities
  3. Provide opportunities for social and cultural activities that are open to the entire Fordham community.
  4. To ethically review and consider all appeals by all clubs in an effort to fairly allocate the Rose Hill student activity fee.


Required Information and Statements to be Eligible to receive Funding

1.             For all clubs who receive funding on an appeal by appeal basis, a complete budget packet is due each semester.

2.             For all clubs who receive funding on a referendum basis,

a.             Statement of financial activities from the current academic semester

b.            List of proposed activities for the coming semester (projected budget)

c.             All documentation required by the Operations committee.

Referendum Status

Referendum status is reserved for clubs who spend a consistent amount each semester and have proven to be responsible with their allocated funding. In order to be considered by the committee for referendum status. A club must appeal to the budget committee with the following documentation:

a.             At least three (3) past semesters worth of budgets

b.            A detailed letter explaining why referendum status would be beneficial to the committee and the club.

c.             A projected budget for the upcoming semester.

It is the responsibility of the club to put together the packet and make it as complete as possible. Any supplemental information is more them welcomed and it is at the discretion of the budget committee to determine if the information provided is up to standard. Following a review of the application, the committee then makes a recommendation to the Student Life Council on referendum status. If approved, referendum status will begin the semester after the request, i.e. if the request is made on Spring budget day for Fall, referendum status will begin the following Spring.

Budget Committee Guidelines

1.         The student club or organization must be registered and in good standing with the Operations Committee before a budget request can be submitted to the Budget Committee.

2.         The Committee expects that all appeals will meet the following criteria and holds the following rules:

·         The event for which funding is requested is within the scope of the club, as per their constitution

·         The number of students the event is expected to benefit is consistent with the amount of money requested for the event.

·         Clubs are not allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages.

·         Clubs are not allowed to pay bartenders provided by food service.

·         The Budget Committee will not fund prizes at events.

·         Clubs are not allowed to issue loans or grants to outside concerns or organizations.

·         Clubs are not allowed to deposit such funds, in total or in part, into private checking accounts.

·         Clubs are not allowed to pay salaries to the club officers for the sole purpose of holding office.


The aforementioned restrictions also apply to self-generated funds. Exceptions must be discussed with the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming in conjunction with the Budget Committee.

·         Clubs are expected to cover expenses not covered in their SLC allocation with their self-generated funds.

·         All clubs funded by SLC must be open to all Fordham students who meet the requirements for membership, with the exception of USG class level government activities.

·         Student activity funds allocated by the committee must not be used to sponsor GSB or FCRH exclusive events.

·         Any club submitting a late or incomplete Operations/Budget packet will be subject to sanctioning by the Operations Committee.

·         The committee will not accept any incomplete budget request packet. A completed form must contain the signature of a faculty/staff advisor unless approved by the Executive Vice President for Operations.

·         Reallocation Requests: If a club chooses not to use portions of previously allocated funds, it may request to allocate those funds toward other club purposes.  Reallocations will not be approved for an event after the event date has passed.

·         Sale of SLC Funded Equipment: Any club or organization that wishes to sell permanent property (e.g. video camera, computer equipment, etc.) that was purchased with SLC funds must first appeal to the committee for approval. The committee will determine that there is just cause for the sale and that the money generated will be used by the club to purchase items that are consistent with the organization’s constitution. If the sale is approved, the money received for the equipment would revert back to the SLC contingency fund and would be available to the club after an appeal to the committee that states what the club wishes to do with the money. The organization has twelve months from the date of sale to appeal for the use of funds. In addition, equipment purchased with SLC funds must be stored in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development or in a proper place approved by the Assistant Dean for Student Leadership and Community Development. Clubs and Organizations must participate in yearly inventory conducted by the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development to track all equipment purchased with student fee funds.

·         Film Rentals: All film rentals should be directed through the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming. (See the Club Rights, Responsibilities and Requirements section for additional information)

·         Over-Expenditures: It is the responsibility of each club or organization to know how much money is in its treasury at any given time. It is the policy of SLC that no club or organization may spend more for an event than the balance existing in its SLC account prior to the event. If a club or organization wishes to plan an event that costs more than it has available prior to the event, two options are available:

o    It may appeal to the Budget Committee for additional funds.

o    In the event a club finishes the semester with over expenditures, the dollar amount over-spent will be paid back to the budget committee with funds allocated for the following semester.

3.         The Budget Committee holds certain precedents, in an attempt to look at all appeals in a consistent manner. The committee puts emphasis upon the information printed in the budget packets, any subsequent appeals, and any information shared by the committee in meetings with their liaison or with the committee. The precedents of the Budget Committee are as follows:

·         Every club that is approved for a budget will automatically receive a $30 copy card. The club must appeal to the committee for all refills on their copy card.

·         Newsletters: In the event that funding is granted for a student club newsletter, this funding shall not exceed $50 per club, per semester.  (See University Regulations on Advertising in Student Publications)

·         University Speakers: A member of the Fordham community who presents lectures/programs at events hosted by student clubs or organizations shall not be funded with student activity funds. However, they may be given a token of thanks not to exceed $25 in value.

·         Food/Refreshments: Funds for refreshments at or after a club function which includes a formal program may be requested based on cost not to exceed $10.00 per person, and not to exceed $20 per person where catering, such as a sit-down dinner, is provided. The committee will review these requests on an individual basis.

·         No more than $35 allocation per semester for the sale of food or drink to raise self-generated funds. Such events shall not be counted towards the requisite three-event-per-semester requirement for clubs, as determined by the the Operations Committee.

·         An itemized Menu for all requests for food should be attached the budget appeal submitted.

·         Provide a biography, price and availability verification for all performers. If a speaker is free, but funding is being requested for other aspects of the event, a biography and written availability confirmation is still required. The fee must be all-inclusive and reflect all other expenses including transportation, meals, lodging, etc.

·         Acceptable verification, i.e. invoices, sample contracts, or agent email, of all prices for services/products.  The verification MUST be from a reliable source associated with the service provider/product.

·         If a club is requesting food for an event, the committee requires that it be explained how food will enhance the program.

·         Provide a number for projected attendance for events, particularly those including catering, so the committee may make the most informed decisions regarding allocations.

·         If a club is requesting funding to attend a conference or host a trip or excursion, a list of interested students must be included with the appeal with a total number of people on this list equivalent to 50% of the number of people funding is requested for on the appeal.

·         The committee may only fund club t-shirts or other apparel for sales, fundraisers, costumes, or awareness campaigns.

·         Inner-city transportation will only be funded if the need is demonstrated through the scope of the club.

·         Please contact the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming prior to appealing for any act that requires a contract. The Assistant Director will be able to help you adequately plan your program and will convey confidence to the committee that the event is being planned according to OSL&CD. 

Guidelines for Student Travel Funded by the Budget Committee

Student travel must be sponsored by a recognized student club, organization or department-sponsored group. The purpose for the travel must be representative of the approved purpose of the student group.  New clubs that are on probation are not eligible for a club budget and therefore not eligible to appeal for funding for travel unless participation is deemed necessary to the success of the club by the Assistant Dean of the Office of Student Leadership & Community Development.

Students interested in attending a conference and/or organizing student travel must meet with the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming and provide detailed conference information prior to the submission of a budget appeal. Each student who is interested in attending the conference must complete travel applications. Ideally, all non-local (outside the five boroughs of New York City and the immediate tri-state area) student participants should be accompanied by a Fordham University chaperone. 


Chaperones are staff members of the Division of Student Affairs, faculty members or other administrators approved as trip chaperones by the Assistant Dean of the Office of Student Leadership & Community Development. Chaperones must meet with the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming or a member of the OSLCD staff to discuss the trip and clarify expectations. While on the trip, the chaperone must respond to any emergency or disciplinary situations that may arise and report any concerns to the AD for Student Organizations and Programming or Assistant Dean. Chaperones must carry contact information for the AD for Student Organizations and Programming and the Office of University Security at all times; the AD for Student Organizations and Programming, the Dean of Students office and the Office of University Security must have chaperone cell phone information as well as emergency contact information for all participants on file in case of an emergency at least two business days prior to departure.

In the event of a traffic accident or incident during student travel, the Assistant Director must be notified within 24 hours.

Student Travel Forms and Activity Waivers:

A packet containing the following information must be submitted to the Assistant Director for Student Organizations Programming one week in advance of the travel date:

  • A cover sheet containing the names, student identification numbers, and emergency contact numbers of all students traveling. The sheet will also provide departure and arrival times, mode of transportation, and lodging for the trip.
  • Activity waivers signed by each student attending the trip.
  • Emergency contact information for each student attending the trip.

* All forms are found on the OSLCD website and in the office. They must be completed by every person traveling.

Ram Van Certification:

As of Fall 2007, OSL&CD requires that all students driving on club sponsored trips must be Ram Van Certified.  Clubs who travel must have at least one (preferably more) Ram Van Certified driver available for each rental car being used. OSL&CD will not approve the booking of rental cars without verification of Ram Van certification.  If the club does not travel frequently, they are encouraged to research alternative modes of transportation and avoid rental cars. They may also hire a Ram Van Certified driver through the Ram Van Office. Refer to the Office of Intercampus Transportation for additional information on certification.

Renting from Enterprise:

Club members must submit a request to Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming and the Assistant Dean the rental of vehicle(s). Email must be sent one business week in advance of travel.

The request should include the following information:

  • Trip location
  • Purpose of trip
  • Type of vehicle(s) requested
  • Date and time of vehicle pick up
  • Date for returning vehicle
  • Names of designated drivers and their dates of birth
  • Student contact information

Once request is reviewed and approved, the AD for Student Organizations and Programming sends an email to the Office of Procurement advising that the request has been approved and that an LPO (Limited Purchase Order) is being prepared in favor of Enterprise. The Assistant Dean is to be copied on the email. The Office of Procurement then contacts Enterprise to place the order for the vehicles. Students can pick up the LPO created by the AD for Student Organizations and Programming, after their packet of travel forms and activities waivers have been submitted. Students under 21 are not permitted to drive vans.

Renting a Bus:

Club members will be asked to have a pre-travel planning meeting with the AD for Student Organizations and Programming when arranging a bus trip. At least one chaperone is necessary per bus. Club member first send their bus request to the AD for Student Organizations and Programming.

The email request should include the following information:

  • Date of Departure
  • Time of Departure and Location (Depart Rose Hill)
  • Destination (full address and phone number)
  • Time of Departure
  • Chaperone(s)

The Procurement Office then contacts three different bus companies to gather quotes, and shares the information with the AD for Student Organizations Programming, and AD for Student Organizations and Programming makes bus company selection. AD for Student Organizations and Programming must then submit a PRF to the Procurement Office in order to confirm reservation.  All other travel procedures must be completed.


An itemized budget appeal with proof of price for all expenditures must be submitted to the Budget Committee. The committee will fund conference registration fees, hotel accommodations and non-local travel (including air fare, train and bus tickets).  Meal expenses will not be reimbursed.

Number of Participants: SABC will fund no fewer than two (one student & one chaperone) and no greater than five (four students & one chaperone) conference participants for any single non-local conference.  If a group wants to send additional conference participants, the group must offset the costs with self-generated funds. Any variations from this rule will be decided by the Executive Vice President for Finance with consultation with the Assistant Dean of the Office of Student Leadership & Community Development.


Graduating seniors will not be funded by the Budget committee unless their participation in the conference is a culmination of their four-years of involvement in a specific student organization. The Executive Vice President for Finance will determine whether a senior's participation in a conference is appropriate for funding.

Housing Accommodations

Participants will only be housed in single-sex accommodations.  Chaperones will be housed in their own room.   Student Behavior All students are expected to abide by the Fordham University policies published in the Student Handbook.   Any policy violations that take place during the conference will be referred to the Dean of Students and/or the Director of Residential Life. Participants may not consume alcohol (or other drugs) during the entire trip.

Agreement:  All students participating in travel must sign an a travel contract that he/she will participate in conference sessions and other important activities associated with the program as well as adhere to Fordham University's Student Code of Conduct.

Policies and Procedures of the United Student Government Student Activities Budget Committee:

1.             The committee will follow a modified version of Parliamentary Procedures: One member of the committee must motion to vote and another member must second the motion. It is at the discretion of the chair to recognize that motion or not. The chair may choose not to recognize the motions if they feel that the motion is:

a.             Not made in an unbiased manner

b.            If voting members are acting in a biased manner towards a club or appeal

c.             Discussion has not been efficient enough.

2.             At least 2/3 of the voting members must be present in order to meet quorum.

3.         Proxy voting will not be permitted.

4.         In the event of a split decision, the chairperson will be the deciding vote.

5.         The committee will hold weekly meetings to review budget appeals, reallocations and date changes.

6.         Upon the recommendation of the Budget Committee, the Chair can table an appeal to the Operations Committee for further discussion.

7.        The committee will be made up of 2 – 4 USG members and 5 - 7 non-USG members.

8.        There must also be an Operations Committee liaison present at all meetings, who shall serve in a non-voting capacity.

a.             It shall be his/her role to determine scope of a club’s appeal, as determined by that club’s constitution.

b.            A budget appeal shall fall within the “scope” of the requesting club if the event or purchase in question is pursuant to the goals, purpose, or objective of that club, as determined by that club’s constitution and/or precedent.

9.         The Operations Committee may, as a committee, elect to determine whether any budget appeal yet to be voted on by the Budget Committee falls within the scope of the requesting club.

    1. Operations Committee rulings on scope shall be made by a simple-majority vote of the Operations Committee.

i.              Such a ruling shall be binding upon the Operations liaison to the Budget Committee unless a member of the Budget Committee shall object to the ruling.

ii.             In the event of a scope objection by any Budget Committee member, the Budget Committee may debate the issue with the Operations liaison. The final decision on scope shall then be made by the Operations liaison. 

b.    Otherwise, the power to rule on the scope of clubs shall fall the Operation liaison.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Chairperson of the Budget Committee

1.         The Chairperson will serve as the mediator of the committee, where he/she will be impartial and will allow reasonable time for discussion on each appeal.

2.         The Chairperson will present all appeals submitted by clubs by the predetermined deadline to the committee members.

3.         The Chairperson has the right to sanction any club who does not use their funds as they were intended and designated to be used as by the committee.

4.         The Chairperson will maintain a record on member’s attendance and club reports.

5.         The Chairperson will make all decisions regarding policies, with the advisement of the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming and the Assistant Director for Student Leadership and Commuter Student Services.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Budget Committee Members

1.         Members shall serve as liaisons between the committee andtheir assigned clubs, as designated by the Chairperson.

a.             Liaisons must meet with their clubs at least twice during the semester and check in with emails at least once a month.

b.            Committee members cannot be liaisons to a club they are involved in or have been involved in.

c.             Liaisons will provide the committee with information required to make fair and informed decisions on appeals.

d.            Liaisons will notify their clubs of the committee’s decisions.

e.             Liaisons will provide their clubs with suggestions on how to make their appeals stronger.

2. Members are expected to make unbiased decisions regarding appeals. If in the event that the Chairperson or another committee member suspects that a member is not being unbiased:

a.             The Chairperson will meet with the Advisors of the committee to discuss the allegations and suspicions.

b.            The suspected committee member will be called in for a meeting.

c.             The Chairperson and Advisors will determine what the appropriate course of action is (i.e. removal from committee).

3.             Members are expected to be respectful of all opinions and beliefs while in and out of meetings.

4.             Members are advised to attend a minimum of two programs per semester per club to which they are a liaison to. They are advised to submit a written evaluation to the Chairperson within one week of the event.

5.             Members are required to hold office hours in the United Student Government office for one hour per week.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice Chair of the Budget Committee

The Chairperson from those applicants that are interested in joining the Budget Committee will select the Vice Chair. The Vice Chair will assist the Chairperson in all of their duties, specifically:

a.             Monitor the disbursement of the Student Activities Fund.

b.            Monitor the numbers and balance of the Student Activities Fund and report back to the Chairperson.

c.             Act as a liaison to all referendum clubs.

d.            Act in the place of the Chairperson when the Chairperson is unable to attend to their duties (i.e.: Sickness)

Criteria for Removal of a Member of the Budget Committee

There are several situations that may call for the removal of a member of the Budget Committee. These situations include, but are not limited to:

a.             Allowing biases to infiltrate the committee meetings and a member’s ability to make vote on an appeal

b.            Leaking of confidential information to non-members.


Updated August 2014.

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