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Student Activities Fee


The University Administration, with the approval of the SLC Budget Committee and concurrence of the Board of Trustees, instituted a Student Activities Fee for all undergraduate students of the University.  The funds generated by the Student Activities Fee are used to support full-time Fordham College Rose Hill and Gabelli School of Business undergraduate student activities. In the future, the FCRH and GSB Student Activities Fee may be increased, decreased or eliminated (with commensurate financial impact on the amount of student activities) by means of a student referendum, which will be considered passed by a simple majority of student voting in the referendum.


A referendum will be held upon submission to the Dean of Students of a petition favoring the change legibly signed by 15 percent of the students registered in Fordham College at Rose Hill and the Gabelli School of Business. The petition must also contain a clear statement of the question to be voted on in the referendum.  Upon receipt of the petition, the Dean of Students will request that USG hold a referendum within a six (6) week period.  It will be the responsibility of USG to:


1.     Publicize the issues and questions of the referendum


2.     See that the referendum dates and qualification for voting are publicized.


3.     Establish the methods by which to vote on the referendum.


If the referendum vote results in a recommended change in the Student Activities Fee, the recommended change must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs prior to that year’s budget cycle deadlines (USG must consult with advisors in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development on deadlines) for approval and implementation in the next academic year.

Reviewed August 2014

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