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United Student Government

McGinley Center Room 203

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The United Student Government (USG) is a body of student officials elected each year by the undergraduates of Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) and the Gabelli School of Business (GSB). USG serves many functions. Charged with the articulation of student needs and sentiments, USG is the official voice of the student body, as every sector of the full-time FCRH and GSB undergraduate population is represented in the USG Senate. From registering club charters allocating the Student Activities Fund, USG facilitates several aspects of student life at Fordham. Elections for all offices other than Freshman Senators are held in the spring semester. Undergraduate students in good academic and disciplinary standing are encouraged to run for these offices. Meetings are held weekly and are open to the Fordham community.


USG Executive Board


The USG Executive Board is comprised of the President,Executive Vice President, Vice President for Finance, Vice President for Operations, Vice President for Student Life, Vice President for Communications, Vice President for Fordham College, Vice President for The Gabelli School of Business, Vice President for Informational Technology, Vice President for Health & Security, and Vice President for Athletic Affairs.


USG Senate


The USG Senate is comprised of two senators for Fordham College at Rose Hill and three senators for Gabelli School of Business class. The Residence Halls Association and Commuter Student Association each designate one representative to this governing body.



Commuting Students Association

McGinley Center Room 202

(718) 817-4348


The Commuting Students Association (CSA) is the body of the student government that advocates on behalf of commuting students. It supports commuter interest within the University and provides programming and services designed specifically for commuting students. Through its programs and services, CSA enables students to interact with the administration, the faculty, staff members, and the student body as a whole. The Commuting Students Association sponsors on and off campus programming for all students. Some events include tickets to cultural and sporting events, Thanks-Give-Away, and Commuter Week. In addition, CSA also participates in and supports the blood drives, community service programs, and many other activities held across campus.


The Commuting Students Association is composed of a seven-member executive board and a twenty-member general assembly. The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice President, Program Coordinator, Treasurer, Director of Publicity, Director of Class Programming and Director of Public Affairs and is elected every spring semester. The General Assembly is comprised of twenty members, with five representatives from each class year. Elections for the General Assembly occur in the spring semester with the exception of the incoming first year class which hold elections in early fall. Their meetings are held weekly on Mondays at 1 p.m. in the McGinley Center and are open to all students.


Residence Halls Association

McGinley Center Room 202

(718) 817-4359


Every Residence Hall on and off campus is represented by the Residence Halls Association (RHA). RHA is dedicated to  improving  the  quality  of  residence  hall  living  at  Fordham  University.  Through its services, social functions, interaction with the community, and communication with administrators, RHA allows students of diverse interests and backgrounds to develop personally and to participate in the Fordham community.


The RHA Executive Board is comprised of members elected by the General Board in the spring semester. The General Board is comprised of representatives from respective halls elected in mid-September. The General Board meets with the Executive Board weekly to plan upcoming events, to allocate RHA funds, and to discuss topics vital to resident..  Each student has the opportunity to contribute to the character and the direction of his or her residence hall by running for office in the Residence Halls Association or by working with his or her local board.


The Residence Halls Association offers a large variety of programs and services for Fordham University students. These include the AIDS Auction (a fund-raiser to benefit the Incarnation Children’s Center, care-givers to HIV positive infants) and the Under the Tent Dance (a semi-formal every spring).


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