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Advertisements in Student Publications

Advertisements in Student Publications

Student organizations exist to contribute to the overall mission of Fordham University and to advance the social, moral, cultural, intellectual, or spiritual development of its members and the University Community.  It is the responsibility of the editors along with their advisor to critically work with the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development on advertising that may be questionable.

Advertisements must be legal, truthful, and compatible with the values and mission of the University as a Jesuit, Catholic institution (concern for each student, respect for individuals and groups of people, dignity of the human person).

To this end, the University prohibits the publication of ads containing or providing sources for, but not limited to, sexual content (e.g. 1-900 phone lines, strip clubs, web sites, etc.); alcohol consumption (e.g. bars, clubs, bartending schools, etc.); tobacco; reproductive services (e.g. abortion, birth control, sperm or egg donation, etc.); the promotion of hate against any group; illegal activities; any other subject matter which, after discussion and review with University officials, is determined to be inconsistent with the values and mission of the University.

Updated on Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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