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Meet the Staff: Team OMA

Sofia Bautista Pertuz, Assistant Dean and Director
Sofia is the Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Fordham University. She is a higher education professional with a wide breadth of experience in strategic planning, assessment and management in Student Affairs.  She has held various positions in private, public, secular and religiously affiliated institutions coordinating areas of Residence Life, Student Activities, Leadership Development, Judicial Affairs, Academic Advising, Orientation, and teaching and training in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. Sofia utilizes her holistic knowledge of Student Affairs, strong collaboration skills and interdisciplinary expertise in her current role. She has embraced the Jesuit tradition at Fordham and uses a mission centered approach in her work with students.

Sofia holds a Master's degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Seton Hall University where she is also currently completing a Ph.D. in Higher Education Management, Leadership and Policy. Sofia grew up in the South Bronx and earned a bachelor's degree in Organizational Communication from S.U.N.Y New Paltz. She is committed to creating a socially just world and has dedicated her career and life to that purpose. Her e-mail address is:

Juan Carlos Matos, Assistant Director, Lincoln Center

Juan Carlos is the Assistant Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and works out of the Lincoln Center office. He feels that the Jesuit tenet of Cura Personalis, care for the whole person, is integral in diversity and inclusive work and is a core reason for him wanting to join OMA at Fordham University. Before coming to Fordham, he attended New York University where he received a M.A. in Higher Education and Student Personnel Administration.

Juan Carlos attended the University of Miami for his undergraduate career where he earned a B.A. in Public Relations and Sociology. Juan Carlos is very passionate about multiculturalism and how we, as a society, can move towards looking at intersections of identity and how each of us can play a role in making the world a better place for everyone. He works directly with the Diversity Peer Leader program and oversees the day to day OMA operations at Lincoln Center. His e-mail address is:

Brittney Johnson, Graduate Intern, Lincoln Center

Brittney is the Graduate Intern of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Lincoln Center. Having worked in numerous leadership positions in a smaller Catholic campus during her undergrad, Brittney is excited to expand her horizons and seize new opportunities at such a prestigious university such as Fordham. Brittney believes that diversity and building communities are not only important aspects for college campuses, but are also important aspects for life. She hopes to not only develop herself in this intern position, but to also help students create bright paths into leadership.

Brittney graduated from the College of Mount Saint Vincent with a B.A in Psychology and a Minor in Philosophy and Fine Arts. Brittney is passionate about diversity programming and helping students develop into the best leaders that they can be. Her ultimate goal is to continue working in Higher Education and hopes this internship is her entry way into doing so. Brittney
works primarily with the Sustained Dialogue/deeper dialogue series and Cultural Programming/Outreach to clubs and organizations at Lincoln Center. Her email address is:

Lorena Espino-Piepp, Graduate Intern, Rose Hill

Lorena is the Graduate Intern of the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Rose Hill. Having graduated from Lincoln Center in May 2013 and having been a Diversity Peer Leader, Lorena is thrilled to have the opportunity to be at Rose Hill and looks forward to getting to know the community here. Lorena discovered the importance of diversity and inclusion, and thus of the existence of an office like OMA, during her undergraduate years. As a student, she was very involved with Global Outreach; she participated in two projects to Brazil and Nicaragua and was the leader of the project to Ecuador. GO! inspired her to learn from and be in solidarity with communities in other parts of the world; being involved with OMA required her to do the same with her peers on campus.She truly believes that a commitment to diversity and inclusion is a commitment to social justice. This has been central to her Jesuit education at Fordham.

Lorena majored in International Studies and is currently in the process of applying to law school. She plans to focus on Human Rights and International Law. She aspires to work in the nonprofit sector and intends on making diversity and social justice a part of her career. Lorena works primarily with the DPL program and Sustained Dialogue/deeper dialogue series at Rose Hill. Her email address is:

Shaun Jackson, Graduate Intern, Rose Hill

Shaun is the Graduate Intern for the Multicultural Affairs Office on the Rose Hill campus. Coming from a diverse residential and educational background, he is looking forward to bringing his diversity leadership experience and knowledge to Fordham University. His passion grows from helping others strive to be the best they can be for their community just like those leaders have helped him grow. Shaun understands that diversity and leadership are two concepts that come from within an individuals mind and with the proper guidance, can be fostered into greater notions not only for the individual but for the community they are in.

Shaun graduated from Long Island University, Post with a B.A. in Criminal Justice. He is currently looking into attending a Masters program to further his development of knowledge for Higher Education. His ultimate goal is to end up working for an agency that directly works with and helps struggling communities so they can do better in the future. Shaun
works primarily with Cultural Programming/Outreach to clubs and organizations at Rose Hill and Beyond the Network of Support initiatives. His email address is:

Ayanna Ahmand, Field Work Intern, Rose Hill and Lincoln Center

Ayanna Ahmand recently joined the Office of Multicultural Affairs as a Graduate Intern at both the Rose Hill Campus and Lincoln Center. Ayanna is a veteran of the U.S. Army where virtually every possible ethnic and religious group is represented. Ayanna believes that diversity not only reflects the world in which we live, but it creates a dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and excellence; along with, differing points of view, different frames of reference, and a broad range of life experiences.

Ayanna graduated from CUNY Herbert H. Lehman College with a B.A. in Social Work. She currently attends Manhattan College where she is majoring in Mental Health Counseling. Ayanna intends on continuing her public service by assisting her fellow veterans in leading more productive and autonomous lifestyles, and to promote mental health through service, advocacy, and education. Ayanna's responsibilities as a member of the OMA, are to aid in the development of the Mentoring Program and the Love Your Neighbor Month- Veteran Program. Her email address is :

Student Workers

Elizabeth Saballos, Student Coordinator, Lincoln Center
More information coming soon.
LC Office email address is:

Hayai Ali, Student Coordinator, Rose Hill
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RH Office email address is:

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