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Training and Support

OMA provides a variety of resources to help facilitate an engaged campus community that proactively explores topics of diversity, including race and ethnicity, gender, culture, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, religious orientation, ability, international concerns, social justice and oppression. We work collaboratively with student organizations, University departments, faculty, academic offices and others to develop creative programs and projects designed to enhance competent intercultural interaction and engagement. We encourage students to get involved and contact us for additional information on any of our programs and services.

Education and Training Resources

OMA creatively collaborates with students, staff and faculty to develop programs and training sessions designed to enhance learning opportunities, cross-cultural communication and increase multicultural competence. We encourage the campus community to take advantage of the many multicultural resources we have available in our offices.

Intercultural Advice and Support

We have an open door policy in the Office of Multicultural Affairs and strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all community members. Therefore, in addition to the programs and initiatives OMA sponsors, we also serve as a resource to the campus community and can provide individual and collective consultation and referral. We promote the holistic development of the student and are available to discuss adjustment issues, personal concerns, campus leadership opportunities and program collaboration. We do our best to connect students with the appropriate resources to help them be successful at Fordham and beyond.

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