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Educational & Referral Services
The AODE Program is designed to provide individual and community targeted strategies that focus on the reduction of high-risk use of alcohol and other drugs.  Individual focused interventions provided by AODE include facilitating Screenings and Brief Interventions for students mandated for violating the University’s alcohol and other drug policy.  

Similar services also include reflective exercises, personalized feedback sessions, and BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students).  Population targeted interventions include facilitating the freshmen core programming AODE session.  In addition, the AODE Program offers referral information regarding off-campus substance abuse treatment facilities and local support groups.

Alcohol & Other Drug Education Program
The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program strongly believes that you can talk about your personal concerns, as well as your care for family and friends, in a confidential manner through our open door policy.  We are here as an advocate on your behalf.

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