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Letter from the Editor

Editor’s Letter




As editor of this year’s PASSPORT, I congratulate you on your decision to attend Fordham University.  The PASSPORT serves to assist you in your exploration of the campus beyond the gates of Rose Hill or the plaza Lincoln Center – the entire city of New York!




In this year’s PASSPORT: Guide to NYC you will find entries for all occasions, like a run through Van Cortland Park, located right here in the Bronx, to a tasty snack stop at the 53rd and 6th Halal Cart, to a magical brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup, or a budget-friendly shopping trip at Nordstrom Rack in Union Sqaure.  Whatever your interests are, the PASSPORT is a guide to help you confidently discover the city’s vast possibilities by offering information about discounts and prices, New York transportation, as well as tips to help you stay safe.




The PASSPORT offers a unique element that other city guides cannot offer – personal suggestions and ratings from Fordham Students.  For this reason, the PASSPORT would not be possible without contributions from Fordham students.  To voice your own suggestions, visit the blog at or e-mail




Acknowledgement and gratitude must be expressed to Ed Wahesh, director of the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program, and Andy Allen of Drew Design, who make the design and production of the PASSPORT possible.  A thank you goes also goes to Kristie Beaudoin, Peer Educators President, and Tim Luecke for all their help.




For at least the next four years, you have the opportunity to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.  I hope you will use the PASSPORT to help you embrace the fact that New York is your campus, and Fordham is your school.










Melissa L. Brumer, FCRH ‘12




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