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The OSAPSS staff offers a variety of individual and group brief interventions for mandated clients.  These interventions are based on the latest research on college alcohol and other drug use and include elements of Motivational Interviewing (Miller & Rollnick), the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (Prochaska, DiClemente & Norcross) and Harm Reduction.  

Each intervention is designed to enhance awareness and understanding of personal behaviors and perceptions related to substance use, and to develop strategies to reduce the risks associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs.     

BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students):  Based on research and model developed at The University of Washington, BASICS is a two session program facilitated by a member of the OSAPSS staff.  During the first session, you will receive additional information about BASICS and will complete several questionnaires and screening instruments.  Between sessions you will be assigned a homework assignment and must complete a fifteen minute online survey.  This homework includes keeping track of your alcohol use by completing a self monitoring card between sessions. During the second session, you will receive personalized feedback about your use of alcohol and other drugs based on the data collected during the first session.   Each session is approximately sixty minutes in length.  BASICS is also adapted for marijuana users, as well. 

Choices: A Brief Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program:  Developed by Martlatt and Parks in collaboration with The Change Companies, Choices is a group intervention designed to educate students about the effects of alcohol on their behavior, to promote self-evaluation of drinking patterns and to facilitate the acquisition of effective coping strategies so that students can make informed decisions and reduce their alcohol related risk and harm.  It is delivered in a two session format and includes assigned homework between sessions and the completion of the Choices Interactive Journal.  Each session is seventy five minutes in length.     

e-TOKE/e-CHUG Personalized Feedback Conversation:  These one on one conversations focus on the participant's electronic THC Online Knowledge Experience (e-TOKE) or electronic CHeck Up to Go (e-CHUG)  online assessment results (both programs developed at San Diego State University).  Personal risks, habits and protective factors are discussed during these sessions.  These interventions are typically two sessions in length and include homework between sessions.   Each session is approximately sixty minutes in length. 


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