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The 2013-2014 Lincoln Center Student Handbook

Division of Student Affairs and Athletics

Editing and Layout: Keith Eldredge, Dean of Students
Gabriella Giunta & Sandra Lin, Summer Interns

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During the academic year, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the contents of this handbook, please contact Keith Eldredge via telephone at (212)-636-6250 or via email at (

The Fordham University Student Handbook is provided for students as a resource and reference guide to University operations, policies and regulations. It contains the most current information available as of the date of publication. The Handbook supplements the University’s catalogues as a source of additional information about Fordham  University. The Fordham University Lincoln Center Student Handbook is not intended to be a complete statement of rules, regulations, policies, or procedures, nor does it contain a complete listing of all programs and services. For example, additional information about Residence Hall policies may be found in the Residential Life Handbook and academic policies can be found in the Course Bulletin.

Each student is held responsible for knowledge of the regulations and information contained within these and other publications. Students have the responsibility to ask questions from the Dean of Students Office in order to obtain a clarification or interpretation of any policy or regulation which they do not understand. Policies and Regulations included in this Handbook may be amended from time to time by the authorized administrators of Fordham University.


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