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Community Service Program

dorothy day center for service and justice

Fordham University is steeped in the tradition of, and a contemporary leader in, service and the promotion of social justice. Inspired by this tradition, The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice supports and encourages ongoing student involvement in a broad array of service projects, urban internships and service-learning experiences in the New York City community. The work takes many forms - from working with displaced and homeless individuals and families to community organizing around issues of affordable housing and immigrant rights – and serves to fortify and enrich students’ connection to the diverse NYC community in which they live.

The Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice (DDCSJ) is grounded in the Jesuit philosophy of homines pro aliis, men and women for and with others. We work to create mutually beneficial relationships rooted in a respect for the dignity of all persons. We want our students to reach their full potential of mind and heart beyond the self by serving in and learning from our surrounding communities. We provide our students with tools to explore their experiences together connecting service, justice, community and spirituality. By encouraging our students to engage in praxis—an ongoing process of action and reflection—we are able to support and challenge them to fully engage in and learn from their experiences. Seeking the faith that does justice, we encourage our students to use their two feet of social action, learning solidarity through both serving directly and working for social change. At Fordham, we recognize our responsibility to the community in which we are established and to which we are connected. We serve as a liaison between the Fordham community and the local community offering a variety of University resources and access to support the exceptional work of our community partners.

Service Learning Program

The CSJ also sponsors the Service-Learning Program, a unique and innovative program that combines academic learning in the classroom with volunteer projects in New York City. As a living-learning initiative, service learning offers students an opportunity to expand their academic experience by bringing together service in the community with the learning resources of a course. This experience is in service to an under-represented or marginalized group. Facilitated by the DDCSJ in collaboration with faculty members across the disciplines, service-learning at Fordham takes two forms: the Interdisciplinary Seminar and Integrated Service-Learning Courses. First, the Interdisciplinary Seminar is a student-initiated program, where students combine active engagement in community service with the academic course of study. Students work with the instructor of the course in which they are enrolled who serves as a faculty mentor facilitating an exploration of the service experience through connections with course material. All students working with faculty mentors in a variety of courses meet throughout the semester for interdisciplinary seminars facilitated by the Service-Learning Program. Through successful completion of the program, students earn an additional credit for the course in which they are enrolled. Second, within Integrated Service-learning courses, initiated by faculty, community service is employed as a learning resource alongside the traditional resources of readings, lectures, discussion, labs, etc. In this model, service is integrated into the syllabus and is thus required for all students enrolled in the course.

Post Graduate Vocational Discernment

The CSJ also provides resources to those students looking to pursue service after college. Fordham alumni are currently living and working in a variety of settings both domestic and international through programs such as the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, NY City Teaching Fellows and Bilingual Education for Central America (BECA).

Our staff provides information and support to those who want to engage their community through service and social change. We encourage students to make the Jesuit motto of men and women for and with others an integral part of their Fordham experience.

Sandra Lobo Jost, MSW, Director
Katheryn Crawford, MSW, Associate Coordinator
Lowenstein SL 18A
Tel: (212) 636-7464
Fax: (212) 636-7465

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