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Club Registration Policy



Section I. Introduction


1.      The USG has the authority to register and regulate those student clubs and organizations whose membership is open to full-time Fordham College at Rose Hill and Gabelli School of Business undergraduate students who are in good standing on the Rose Hill Campus with the advisement and supervision of the staff of the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development.


2.      Certain exceptions will be made for any organization whose membership may be limited by the nature of its requirements (i.e., academic honor societies). Such exceptions will be determined by the President of the USG, USG Vice President (VP) of Operations, the Operations Committee, the Assistant Dean for Student Leadership and Community Development and the Dean of Students.



3.      Social fraternities and sororities will not be considered for registration, with the exception of academic honor societies.


4.      The views held by a registered club may or may not be those held by the University or United Student Government.


5.      A student organization that performs or competes before the public may appropriately be called, for example, Fordham Band or Fordham Debate Society. Other groups must distinguish themselves as Fordham clubs by using the phrase “at Fordham.” For example, “Asian Cultural Exchange at Fordham.”



Section II. Requirements for Club Registration


For official registration, a student club or organization must fulfill the following requirements:


1.      It must meet a need not presently met by any other club, organization or department on the Rose Hill campus.


2.      It must demonstrate that it contributes to the overall educational mission of Fordham University.


3.      It must demonstrate that its activities will contribute to the advancement of social, moral, cultural, intellectual or spiritual development of its individual members and the University community.


4.      It must provide the following information to the USG Vice President of Operations:

a.          A member listing form signed by at least fifteen members, along with their phone number and/or email address.


b.          A constitution written in compliance with USG guidelines. The constitution of the club may be written and structured according to the desires of its authors; however, it mustincorporate the following items:


·                  name and purpose of the organization

·                  qualifications for membership

·                  an affirmation that membership will not be restricted based upon national origin, race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical handicap

·                  officers, their elections, their duties and responsibilities and removal procedures

·                  a statement of compliance with the University’s policy on hazing

·                  meetings of the organization

·                  how to amend the constitution

·                  acknowledgment. Here the organization will state that it realizes the responsibilities it takes on as set forth in the purpose and that it will abide by the Constitution of the USG and the Student Handbook. It must also state that its views do not necessarily represent those of the University.


c.          A signed faculty/administrator advisor consent form.


d.         A club officers form including the names, positions, email addresses, and years of graduation for each officer.




Section III. Club Registration Process


1.      The proposed club must turn in above materials to the USG VP of Operations.


2.      The USG VP of Operations and the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming and Assistant Director for Leadership and Commuter Student Services will return to the proposed club the materials with comments and suggestions.


3.      The proposed club must then turn in the revised constitution to the USG VP of Operations, who will submit it to the OperationsCommittee for the first Operations Review.  Representatives from the proposed club may attend the Committee review to respond to questions.  The Operations Committee will vote to approve a second Operations Review or deny the proposed club official status.  The USG VP of Operations will return the constitution with suggested revisions or denial.


4.      The proposed club, if approved for a second review, will submit revisions to the USG VP of Operations.  The proposed club’s representatives may attend the Committee’s review to respond to questions.  The Operations Committee will vote to deny club status or to approve the proposed club.  Approved clubs will be passed on to the Assistant Dean for Student Leadership and Community Development, followed by the Dean of Students, for recommendations, revisions, and administrative approval or denial.


5.      The Assistant Dean and/or the Dean of Students will return revisions and recommendations to the proposed club via the USG VP of Operations.


6.      The proposed club, if given administrative approval, will submit the final revised constitution to the USG VP of Operations, who will then submit the constitution to the USG Senate for final approval or denial. The proposed club’s representatives may attend the Senate’s review to respond to questions.  The USG VP of Operations will notify the proposed club and university community of the result.  If approved, the proposed club will become a registered club at the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University.


7.      Club constitution amendments must be approved by the Operations Committee and filed with the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development within one week of adoption.


8.      For club registration materials, including time guidelines, contact the USG VP of Operations or the Assistant Director for Student Organizations and Programming in OSLCD.



Section IV. Review of Registration


1.      All clubs are required to submit Budget and Operations paperwork by the posted deadline each semester. Each club must have the following items on file with the Operations Committee: a constitution, a current club officer listing, a current membership listing, an evaluation of at least three events from the previous semester, and a faculty/ staff advisor consent form.


2.      The Operations Committee shall conduct a review of all clubs based on Budget and Operations papers each semester. At that time, clubs will either continue to be registered, be put on probation, or have their registration revoked.


3.      Any club that is inactive for three semesters automatically has its registration revoked. Clubs inactive for one semester are considered to be dormant and require a review before the Operations Committee to be re-activated.


4.      If at any time a written request for the review of a club is submitted by the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Student Life Council, the Senate or any member of the Fordham University community, the USG VP for Operations, the Assistant Dean for Student Leadership & Community Development, and the Dean of Students are compelled to review it.


5.      The Assistant Dean for Student Leadership and Community Development and the Dean of Students reserve the right to intervene in the absence of USG action.



Please Note - Only matriculated undergraduate students pursuing degree programs who are not under academic or disciplinary probation will be eligible for office in a student organization. This includes appointed as well as elected offices.


Updated on August 2014.

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