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Dean of Students and Rose Hill Student Life

Dean of Students and Rose Hill Student Life

Christopher Rodgers
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
McGinley Center 242
(718) 817-4755

The Dean of Students is responsible for an area of Student Affairs referred to as Student Life. This includes the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development, the Office of Residential Life, the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention and Student Support, the New Student Orientation program, Commuter Student Services and Judicial Affairs, among others.  Through these offices and others, the Dean of Students, the staff with whom he works, faculty and students partner to create a rich and varied campus culture that cares for and educates students. In the tradition of Jesuit Catholic education, this culture is intentionally designed to fulfill the University and Student Affairs Missions to prepare students morally as well as intellectually for future roles in society. This preparation is the goal of participation in life outside the classroom, where students not only fully realize their educational potential, but also assist in the operation and decision-making of our University. Indeed, the various policies and processes for which Student Life is responsible are meant themselves to be infused with educational value, invite student participation and balance rights with responsibilities.  Through  high  standards  of  personal  conduct  and  for  the  community  we  create  together,  our University hopes to effectively train men and women for and with others who will, in turn, train future generations. If you need assistance, have any questions, have an idea for our community, want to voice a concern or just want to talk-- please contact the Dean of Students.

Updated August 2014

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