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Office of Experiential Education

Office of Experiential Education


Mr. Bernie Stratford, Director


McGinley Center, Room 224

(718) 817-4350

(718) 817-5155 fax


The Office of Experiential Education (OEE) seeks to guide Fordham students in determining their professional paths, and to encourage all undergraduates to balance their careers through a lifelong pursuit for spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and physical well being.  Individually, the OEE engages and assists Fordham students in developing the qualitative and quantitative skills needed to make informed career decisions.


The Office of Experiential Education sits at the career crossroads of academic learning and professional life where every student’s education is anchored in a ‘core curriculum’ that affirms and celebrates the liberal arts and sciences. The OEE keeps an ever-present eye on how life, in and outside of the classroom, comes together, merging the academic arenas of higher education with the transformative realities of an ever-changing world of work.


The Office of Experiential Education creates, coordinates and actualizes a comprehensive career education program that unfolds for our students within a semester by semester approach to career planning and professional development.  Career education anchored in a Jesuit liberal arts tradition that provides an ongoing developmental context for students’ studies and experiences as they prepare to enter the quantum realities of a highly competitive world of work.


The Office of Experiential Education provides access to more than 2,600 internships with firms and organizations across the city and around the world – an exceptional chance to gain professional experience, make contacts, and understand your field from the inside out.  Internships are available for all Fordham College and Gabelli School of Business majors and/or field of interest and are offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.


The work of the Office of Experiential Education occurs in the world’s capital of business and finance, communications and the arts, science, scholarship and medicine, law and international politics.  In this global city, the OEE assist students discover that New York City is their campus, while never losing sight that Fordham is their home, and that by blending together the city and the campus, Fordham students live integrated, purposeful lives that bring together education and experience.

Reviewed August 2013.

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