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International and Study Abroad

International and Study Abroad

Dr. Joseph Rienti, Assistant Director

33 West 60th, Room 308

Phone: (212) 636-7135

Fax: (212) 636-7382


  In the long-standing tradition of Jesuit education, Fordham University encourages study that enhances students’ understandings of the world’s peoples and their interdependence. Our goal is to help students prepare for the challenges of studying abroad by enabling them to gain an understanding of other cultures and to incorporate a global dimension to their chosen fields of study.  Fordham University operates its own full-term abroad programs in Spanish studies at Universidad de Granada, on Service Learning and Community Engagement at the University of Pretoria and, for theater, liberal arts and business students, attractive and innovative direct enroll options at our London Centre at Heythrop College. In addition, summer programs in London, Pretoria, Beijing  and Rome, a number of faculty-led short-term courses in Spain, Mexico, Ukraine, China, Japan,  Colombia and Russia offer students who cannot commit to a semester or a full year of study abroad opportunities to incorporate a global dimension into their education. The University, of course, also recognizes that a sustained period of study in another culture is desirable and offers, through consortia affiliation and exchange agreements, one of the most extensive networks for full-term foreign study of any major university.

Full-term study abroad is not a requirement, nor an entitlement of a Fordham education.  Rather, sophomores earn the right to do a full-term program abroad during their junior year by submitting an application statement that advances a clearly reasoned academic purpose and demonstrates adequate preparation and genuine enthusiasm for learning about and experiencing other cultures. In addition, applicants to full-term programs must be in good academic standing (GPA of 3.00 or better) and have a clear disciplinary record.

Prospective applicants should consider the following general guidelines:

  • Online completion of all application forms on stipulated dates is essential to secure necessary approvals and the transferring of credits.
  • A Fordham equivalent full-course semester load is required; grades earned abroad (C or better only) are recorded on transcripts but are not calculated in the students’ GPA.
  • Study Abroad participants are not eligible for Dean’s List honors, as such honors are based on the GPA earned in a minimum of credits taken at Fordham.
  • Pass/Fail and one-credit courses will not transfer; no duplication of classes taken at Fordham can occur.
  • Full-term study abroad participants remain matriculated at Fordham University and are subject to the academic policies of the University and their major, as well as the University’s Code of Conduct.
  • Cost:
    • Most sponsored study abroad programs fit within the University’s tuition and fee structure and only in very few cases the educational costs of a given program may require a student to pay supplemental tuition.
    • Fordham per-term tuition covers all educational expenses associated with programs offered at the London Centre, Fordham in Granada’s, Fordham in Pretoria’s and exchange programs. Institutional and non -institutional aid is fully portable for these Fordham_run programs as well as existing exchanges.  These include opportunities to study at the following institution: National University of Ireland in Maynooth (Ireland), Pontificia Universidade Católica de Río de Janeiro (Brazil), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá, Colombia), Universidad Iberoamericana (México City, México), Ateneo de Manila (Manila, Philippines), Sogang University (Seoul, South Korea), Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain).
    • For all other programs, institutional and non-institutional financial aid is portable as follows:
      • Institutional/Portable Aid (grants-in-aid, university and restricted scholarships, and campus-based SEOG): The aid will be prorated, it cannot exceed the actual aid the student would be eligible for if in attendance at Fordham, and is subject to the following caps: 1) up to $5000 per semester for full year study at sponsored programs; 2) up to $3000 per semester for one-term study at sponsored programs in Africa, the Far and Middle East, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Latin America; 3) up to $2250 per semester for one-term study at all other sponsored programs.
      • Non-institutional Aid (Federal/State): 1) Students eligible for a Pell Grant can apply their grant toward their study abroad charges as long as all other eligibility program and university requirements are met; 2) NYSTAP eligible students who meet program/university requirements may receive TAP.

All interested Students are encouraged to research their options, as there are outside scholarships for study abroad (Gilman Scholarship Program, Freeman Asia, NSEP program, Rotary International) and several of the sponsored programs offer their own scholarships and/or grants.

Do you have general questions about programs, how to apply, and what Fordham expects of study abroad participants? Please attend a Study Abroad Advising Session or stop by our offices—the ISAP staff very much looks forward to working with you and to offering the advising and pre-departure services you’ll need to get the most out of your experience abroad.

Early Action Period                                   Fall and Academic Year: December 1 – January 15
Final Action                                              Fall and Academic Year: February 15
Early Action Period                                   Spring: April 15 – May 30
Final Action                                              Spring: September 10
Summer                                                     March 15

Students interested in Fordham in Granada, Fordham in Pretoria or any of the Exchange or Oxford Programs must apply by the Early Action Dates above.

Please note that Fordham University reserves the right to withdraw or modify any of the above, and/or to make additional changes necessary for the continued successful operation of this Program.

Updated August 2014.

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