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Campus Assault and Relationship Education (CARE)

Campus Assault and Relationship Education

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CARE:Campus Assault and Relationship Education
A Guide for the Fordham University Community
Fordham University Policy on Sexual Offenses
Fordham University is committed to the maintenance of an environment that is supportive of its primary educational mission.The University will not tolerate sexual offenses such as rape,sexual abuse,sexual harassment or other forms of non-consensual activity.
Fordham University supports this policy through educational prevention, counseling and medical support services. Educational programs include, but are not limited to, campus-wide distribution of the CARE brochure; peer education workshops on topics that include the nature of sexual offenses, stalking and/or domestic or dating violence, keys to prevention and coping with the aftermath of an assault; safety and security presentations; residential life presentations; rape awareness programs;individual and group counseling and other victim support services.
Fordham University will enforce this Policy on Sexual Offenses through internal student conduct procedures and security programs.
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