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Identification Cards

Identification Cards

Every registered student at Fordham University is required to carry the University Identification Card at all times while on campus and to surrender it upon the request of clearly identified University personnel (this includes campus security guards) in the performance of their duties.

Identification cards are permanent and are issued during the fall and spring opening and move-in periods to new students. In the event a card is lost or a student withdraws from the University, he/she must report the loss, theft, or withdrawal immediatedly via the portal on the Fordham website. To request a replacement during business hours, please go to one of these offices:
- Rose Hill: ID Services Office, Faculty Memorial Hall, 1st floor
- Lincoln Center: ID Services Office, Lowenstein Center, 128-A
- Westchester: Room G13
After hours, students must contact the Office of Safety and Security at his or her campus to obtain a replacement ID Card. The University will immediately deactivate any ID reported lost or stolen. Students must have a Fordham ID Number (FIDN) to obtain a new card.

For more infomation, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Office of University Safety and Security section of Fordham's website:

Updated on Friday, August 16, 2013

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