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Welcome to the residential community at Fordham University. As a new resident, you will take an active role in creating a responsible community that respects the rights of all of its members. As a resident student you will be encouraged to learn more about yourself and others by participating in programming activities, supporting and celebrating differences among individuals, providing service both locally and globally, and living within the guidelines established for your residential community. Students and staff are collaboratively engaged in pursuing an education that is based on the Jesuit tradition of academic excellence. The highly qualified Office of Residential Life staff consists of resident directors, resident assistants, resident freshmen mentors and the central office staff who are all eager to work with students in unifying the university living environment and the academic experience. It is our hope that students will achieve educational fulfillment by integrating all facets of University life, including community living and learning, into their own lives.

What Should I Expect? The education you will receive at Fordham University, one of only 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States, is unique. The lessons you will learn outside the classroom complement those you'll learn within it. Just as high academic standards are a staple at Fordham, you will also encounter high standards of conduct in our residence halls, as these four years are training for greater service, responsibility and challenge after graduation. The staff who work in the halls will guide you in this education and are there to assure your responsibilities as well as your rights. During your first days on campus, you will meet your resident assistant. Each RA is handpicked from the student body for his or her ability to lead and act as a role model for students. RAs provide services and program opportunities, but they also guide and counsel students who live on campus. You will also meet our resident directors, who are graduate or professional students in charge of your residence hall or housing area.

RAs and RDs are important people to get to know. One of the roles of the staff is to work with students who may make mistakes in conduct or behavior, or who like to test the limits of the University Code of Conduct. Students arriving for life on campus will find the challenge of personal responsibility and independence an intense and indispensable introduction to adulthood. This, too, is part of a Jesuit education, as the values learned inside the classroom inform the standards for our community and are played out in everyday life at Lincoln Center and Rose Hill. The Office of Residential Life supports an overarching vision of creating community in all its efforts. A residence hall community is a group of students engaged in social interaction, possessing common educational goals and experiences, who show concern for and are sensitive to the needs of other residents, and are interested in furthering the group's goals. Residents share in defining the community's expectations of members and are held to these expectations by their peers.

The Office of Residential Life is sensitive to the rights and responsibilities of all resident students. In an effort to make our community conducive to academic, social and personal growth, policies have been established to ensure that individual rights are protected and responsibilities are understood. At Fordham University, there are many unique housing options on the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. The majority of the housing application instructions are the same at each campus, but please read this site carefully to familiarize yourself with the specifics of each of your choices. On this site, you will find Instructions for Applying and information on the online Housing Application (RL-100).  Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. We will do our best to assign students to their first or second preference.

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Lincoln Center Living

Lincoln Center first year, upperclass and law students reside in McMahon Hall. At the Lincoln Center campus, all undergraduate resident students live in the 20-story residence building, McMahon Hall. Amenities of McMahon Hall include 24-hour security, study lounges, social lounges, three free laundry rooms, tennis and basketball courts and a fitness center. Undergraduates live in single, double, and triple rooms in either two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments. Freshmen primarily live in double and triple rooms; single rooms are only available for upperclassmen. Each apartment is fully furnished, air-conditioned and includes one or two bathrooms, a living/dining room area and a kitchen. Housing rates vary based upon single, double, or triple occupancy. Living in McMahon Hall requires a balance between independent and shared living. Compromise, tolerance and responsibility are essential to maintaining this balance. The residential life community is one in which independence is celebrated and participation in the residential, University and New York City communities are encouraged.

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The Residence Hall Staff

The residence hall staff consists of a resident director for undergraduate students, a resident director for law students, 17 resident assistants, seven resident freshman mentors and two Jesuits-in-residence. Each freshman will have both a resident assistant and a resident freshman mentor dedicated to easing the transition to college. The live-in staff are entrusted with creating community and shaping a positive living experience through which residents can succeed academically, first and foremost, and to develop as a whole person.

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Residential Hall Experience

Social, Awareness, Physical, Community Service, Spiritual and Cultural Events
Through a variety of programs within these categories, residents have a wonderful opportunity to socialize and expand their educational experiences, within McMahon Hall and their New York City neighborhood. Whether through service work at a local soup kitchen or "Dinner with the Deans" in the fifth floor lounge, the McMahon residential experience will provide a wide variety of events to help shape the "whole person" within the Jesuit tradition.

Newspaper Program
Monday through Thursday, the second floor contains free copies of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Cura Personalis Monthly Programs
The resident population is encouraged to attend monthly "Cura Personalis Programs." The Residential Life staff, with input and participation from residents, implements events that capture issues related to community living and the college student residential experience. Past programs include: "Resident Responsibility: Leadership and Participation in Your Community," "How to Help: What to Do When Concerned about a Friend," and "Fordham University Adjudication Process: an Inside Look."

Wellness Community
The Wellness Community in McMahon Hall is an intentional community through which students can become aware of ways of healthy living.  The community is focused on encouraging students to develop their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  This occurs through interactive social and educational initiatives, active events and informational campaigns.

As part of this community students will gain an awareness and understanding of living a healthy lifestyle and the importance of physical exercise and wellness.  Our healthy living initiatives include group fitness activities such as UJAM (a cardio dance workout to world music), IntenSati (a high energy cardio workout) and yoga.

The Wellness Community includes programs focused on nutrition as well.  Monthly potlucks allow students to bring dishes and sample others while learning about different food lifestyles.  Previous potlucks have included vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.  In our nutrition seminars, nutrition and wellness professionals are invited to campus for discussions during the semester.

McMahon Hall Happenings
This monthly newsletter informs residents about events, accomplishments and any fun updates within the community. This is a great way to remain connected and updated about other residents and the Office of Residential Life in general.

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Instructions for Applying for Housing

Now that you have been accepted to Fordham, been offered housing by the Office of Admission and submitted your deposits, your next step is to submit a Housing Application online. You will receive instructions detailing how to fill out the online Housing Application (RL-100).

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Housing Agreement Confirmation

The Housing Agreement Confirmation form is completed online If at this time you no longer desire on-campus housing, written notification must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life or you may incur housing charges. Students living in triple rooms will pay a reduced rate. Students assigned to these rooms will not be de-tripled. If you would be interested in this type of housing, please check the appropriate box on the Housing Application (RL-100), which is online.

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Fordham's Housing Guarantee

All undergraduate students admitted with housing have a right to housing for four consecutive years, as long as there is no break in occupancy. If a student withdraws from housing or is dismissed, the right is revoked. Once a law student (Lincoln Center) or graduate student (Rose Hill) receives housing, the right to housing extends only through May of the current academic year.

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What You'll Need

Please Bring:
  • Please check with your roommate and/or suitemates to make sure you don't bring duplicate items (like stereos, TVs, computers, printers, etc.)!
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) appliances only (hair dryers, coffee makers, popcorn poppers, etc.). Electric coffee makers are allowed, but they should have an automatic turn-off.
  • A couple of small wastebaskets for trash and recycling. Recycling is MANDATORY in residence halls. At Lincoln Center, only CLEAR trash bags are allowed.
  • Twin XL-Linen (mattresses are 36" x 80" at Lincoln Center and Rose Hill), pillows, blankets, towels. The Office of Residential Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to provide our students with a convenient, affordable way to purchase extra-long sheets and bedding items, as well as other campus-living necessities. Proceeds from this program go to the Office of Residential Life and are used for programming in the residence halls. Please visit the RHL website
  • A cable-ready television set and coaxial cable for hook-up. Only one television is allowed per room at Rose Hill and per apartment at Lincoln Center.
  • A laundry bag and hangers/closet organizers.
  • Storage boxes that will fit under your bed.
  • Cleaning supplies (remember, you are responsible for cleaning the entire room; at Lincoln Center and in some upperclass Rose Hill residence halls, this includes a kitchen and bathroom).
  • One telephone per room (see page 18 for telephone specifications), desk lamp, alarm clock, first aid kit and flashlight.
  • Residents of McMahon Hall should bring silverware, cookware and other kitchen utensils.
Please Do Not Bring:
  • Candles, incense, hot plates, open coils, toaster ovens, space heaters and halogen lamps because they are hazardous in the residence hall setting and are not allowed.
  • Lofts
  • Pets (including fish tanks)
  • Rose Hill residents are not allowed to bring microwave ovens.
  • Lincoln Center residents are not allowed to bring non-university furniture, including futons, couches, chairs, desks, drawing tables and refrigerators (including mini-fridge).
  • Wireless access points.
  • Dartboards
Additional Notes:
  • If you bring extension cords, you must bring heavy-duty cords. All power strips MUST have surge protectors/suppressors. If you choose to bring a small refrigerator to Rose Hill, it may not exceed 4.0 cubic feet. Please make sure that your parents' homeowners or renters insurance covers any losses you may incur during your stay in the residence halls. The University will not reimburse you for any losses due to damage, theft, etc. You should keep a record of the serial numbers of the items you bring.
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Student Data Services Network

(SDS) Network. The Fordham University data system was designed to provide high-speed access to the University network for all resident students using cable modem technology. The system gives each student dedicated access to the University's Intranet, which links libraries, computer laboratories, faculty, administration, E-mail and the Internet. Help Desk. The student Help Desk is available to take calls concerning initial computer setup, SDS network concerns, computer applications and E-mail access. Please call for assistance from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. On campus: (718) 817-3999; Off campus: (877) 366-HELP.

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Meal Plans

Meals are provided from the first day of the semester through the last day of exams, exclusive of University closings. Rose Hill Students, with the exception of those living in Walsh Hall and in off-campus housing are required to participate in the Rose Hill Meal Plans. Lincoln Center Freshman students are required to participate in the Lincoln Center Meal Plan. Meal Plans are also available to all students attending Fordham University. For further information, please refer to the Dining Brochures for your respective campus. If you would like to know more about our Dining Services, please visit our campus food services website:

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Lincoln Center Campus Housing Rates for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 (Rates are subject to change)

Rates are for the nine month academic year and include all utilities, cable television, telephone service, laundry and use of the Fitness Center located on the second floor of McMahon Hall. The freshman meal plan is additional as indicated.
  • Undergraduates
    • Single Room Rate $16,600 per year ($8,300 per semester) Not available for freshman
    • Double Room Rate $14,210 per year ($7,105 per semester)
    • Triple Room Rate $10,170 per year ($5,085 per semester)
    • Freshman Meal Plan $1,600 ($800 per semester)
      Balance is rolled over to the next semester and remains until the student graduates.
  • Law Students
    • Single Room Rate $16,600 ($8,300 per semester)
  • Lincoln Center Move-In Dates for Fall 2013
    • Evening 1st Year Law Students: Sunday, August 18th 10am-6pm
    • Day 1st Year Law Students: Sunday, August 18th 10am-6pm
    • Freshmen Undergraduates: Sunday, August 25th (see move-in schedule)
    • Upperclassmen Undergraduates: Monday, August 26th
    •                                                 Tuesday, August 27th (see move-in schedule)
    • Early arrivals cannot be accommodated, so please plan accordingly.
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Off Campus Housing

Our office does not keep a list of off-campus housing and we do not have any affiliations with off-campus housing organization. We also do not have a list of students looking for roommates since many of our students are commuting from home. However. the Office of Residential Life sometimes uses the services of "Places 4 Students" for Off Campus Housing options. To view the list of available apartments near Fordham, please visit Contacting nearby realty agencies may be a good place to start looking for an off-campus apartment. As always, we recommend that you do your research for any off-campus housing and carefully read any contracts before signing them.

**Note: This is not University sponsored housing. It is not intended as a referral service, nor does Fordham endorse or recommend the selection of any particular property, location, or roommate. It is expected that you will bear personal responsibility for using this service.

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