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McMahon Hall Undergraduate Housing

Undergraduate students live in fully furnished two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a kitchen with stove, oven and full-size refrigerator; a living room with sofa, lounge chairs, coffee and end tables; a dining table and chairs; and bathroom facilities. Each bedroom has an extra-long twin bed, dresser and desk per student. Storage under the bed is possible. The dimensions are (height) 14 inches in some beds and 20 inches in others. Depth of space is 36 inches deep and 80 inches wide. Varies in specific bed set-up (cannot be changed by student).  Beds will only be bunked in tripled Freshman bedrooms.  Individual residents may not bunk their beds.

Each bedroom has an Internet jack for each resident, ready for an Ethernet-equipped computer; a telephone line (each bedroom has one phone number); and heating/cooling units. Additionally, cable service is provided in the living room. Freshman primarily live in double and triple rooms; single rooms are available only to upperclassmen.  Housing rates vary based upon single, double or triple occupancy.  Law students live in single rooms in three bedroom apartments.

McMahon Hall Undergraduate Housing Rates for 2014-2015  (Rates change annually)
**All rates are subject to change**  

(McMahon Hall is a Coed Building)

Single Room Rate:
$17,095 ($8,548 per semester)
Please note that single rooms are not available for freshmen.

Double Room Rate: $14,630 ($7,315 per semester)

New Freshmen Residence Hall Rates will be posted soon

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