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The purpose of the Residence Hall Association is to serve as a student advisory committee and the official liaison between the students living in McMahon Hall and the Residential Life staff, Lincoln Center administration and faculty. The group is made up of two main boards: the Executive Board and the General Board, comprised of freshmen, upperclassmen and law representatives. The Executive Board contains the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director of Public Relations. The General Board is comprised of Freshmen, Upperclassmen and Law Floor Representatives. The Upperclassmen and Law Representatives are elected during the Spring preceding their one year term the following year. Freshmen Representatives are elected or appointed during the fall.

Its main goals are to serve as a programming organization and deal with quality of life issues in McMahon Hall. Meetings are held once a week in McMahon Hall and are open to all residents. The RHA Office is located on the first floor of McMahon Hall in room 102A. RHA's description, goals and procedures are guided by the RHA Constitution, available in the RHA Office. Residents wishing to know more about the opportunities in RHA or who would like to provide each Board with feedback about their living experience can call the RHA Office at (212) 636-7384 or send an email to

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