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Resident Director Positions

Resident Director Positions

Why should you apply?
Resident Directors get 18 credit hours of tuition remission. It's a smart way to finance a Master's Degree, Doctorate, or other post-graduate work at one of Fordham's diverse Graduate Schools. Resident Directors and Associate Resident Directors gain intensive experience working with undergraduates in administrative, counseling, leadership, and educational capacities- more than almost any other graduate assistant opportunity. 

All members of the staff have fully-furnished apartments with a computer, printer, Internet connection, cable television, and phone service. Compensation also includes a stipend and a meal plan. See the job descriptions for more detail.

How do you apply?
Look for openings at Fordham's Human Resources page.  Send a current resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and in the field of Student Affairs and Residential Life to the email address requested in the posting.

Timeline & Application Process
  • Position posted online in late February/early March
  • Application Review
  • Phone Interview
  • Campus Interview
  • RD Training begins in late July/early August
Full-Time Resident Director Job Description (PDF File) 
Part-Time Resident Director Job Description
(PDF File)
Associate Resident Director Job Description
(PDF File)

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