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Housing Waitlist Application Rose Hill Campus

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*The commuter waitlist opens on April 1st at 9am each year. If you are currently on the waitlist for this year, and wish to remain on the list for next year, you must sign up again on April 1 starting at 9am each year.

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Current Class Standing:

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Single Double Triple Apartment/Suite Style
Belmont Community Housing (off-campus housing)

  • I am currently matriculated in a program of study at Fordham College at Rose Hill or Fordham University Graduate School. I understand that housing is only available to students who are enrolled full time and taking classes at the Rose Hill campus.
  • The information provided is my current contact information and I assume all responsibility for updating the Office of Residential Life if my information changes in the future.
  • If I am offered housing at the information listed above and I do not respond I will be removed from the housing waitlist
  • If I am offered housing and I do not respond with in 24 hours to confirm my interest, housing will be offered to the next person and I will be offered again only if space becomes available.



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