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August, 2013

Dear Resident Student,

All of us carry on life’s many and varied activities from within communities. From families to neighborhoods, our schools to our cities, from our nation to the global community we share, women and men work, worship, serve, care for one another and learn as part of a whole that is larger than each of its members. History catalogs the achievements of this uniquely human way of life and its capacity for amplifying the small progress of individuals and the good each of us can do.

Imagine, if you will, one among this endless universe of concentric communities in which all of us live. This is a community whose mission is the fostering in its members of certain qualities— traits such as careful observation, critical thinking, creativity, moral reflection and articulate expression. It brings together extraordinary people from all walks of life: staff, scholars, administrators, researchers, teachers, coaches and students—all dedicated to the pursuit of learning and wisdom, and each working with students to design-build a place where habits of ethical living and moral discernment complement the intellectual. In this place, perhaps more than in other places, the question “how shall I live?” comes to the fore. Only a small and select number are fortunate enough to be a part of this special place. An even smaller number actually live where these historic privileges are bestowed.

You have imagined Fordham University and the community of its residence halls and housing areas, and you are one of the fortunate few who will learn in the very place you call home.

Unlike other homes where life is tailored more to the individual, this home is a community of learners collaborating on a project characteristic of and guided by Jesuit and Roman Catholic traditions. This project is the training of students to take leadership roles in service to the people and communities outside our gates. In essence, our campus is the classroom and the lives we lead in it are the lessons. Like the best classes, this one is challenging, and the standards for its successful completion are high. These standards, often in the form of the policies and responsibilities that complement the extraordinary privilege of membership, give meaning to our University’s assurance at Commencement that its graduates are ready to serve the world with both mind and heart.

On behalf of the extraordinary men and women of Student Life, I welcome you to this extraordinary place. We will be here to teach, to help and to talk as we live with one another in this rare community we call Rose Hill.


Christopher Rodgers
Dean of Students

Welcome From The Office Of Residential Life
August, 2013

Dear Fordham Resident,

On behalf of the entire Office of Residential Life staff, we welcome you to on-campus living at Fordham University! We are pleased that you have chosen to be a member of our residential community. Living in Fordham’s residence halls will offer numerous experiences, rights, and responsibilities. We believe that Fordham's residential community assists residents in developing skills and attitudes necessary to become positive and productive members of society. We, therefore, encourage you to participate in the development of your community. You will be asked to respect the privacy of your neighbors, promote safety, respect and appreciate differences and uphold high standards of behavior. As such, living with a roommate, participating in programming activities, interacting with those who are different from you and learning how to live within the guidelines established for the residential community will provide the opportunity for you to learn more about others and yourself.

The primary goal of the Office of Residential Life staff is, therefore, to provide a comfortable, safe environment in which residents are given the opportunity to extend their learning outside the classroom. The Resident Directors and Resident Assistants are highly qualified staff members who are committed to a vision of creating community in the residence halls. The staff will work with you and challenge you to reach your potential and become well-rounded men and women for and with others. We encourage you to respect the important service that the Residential Life staff provides in developing a positive community. In fact, most of the Office of Residential Life staff members both work and live on campus to be more sensitive and responsive to the needs of residents. All members of the staff are eager to work with you to make the on-campus living experience a positive one.

We would also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the contents of this handbook. This publication is designed to inform you of what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you as a resident student. The policies and procedures have been developed to give you maximum freedom, while defining your responsibility as a member of a residential community. Throughout the year, we will continuously work to provide an explanation and viable rationale for each policy and we invite questions, concerns and comments regarding our policies and procedures. Again, if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to seek out any member of the Office of Residential Life staff or stop by our Central Office located in Loschert Hall Basement. We truly hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity that lies before you. Get involved, contribute to the campus and take an active part in creating a community within your residence hall.

Best wishes for a successful year.


The Office of Residential Life at Rose Hill

Welcome From The Residential Hall Association
Hello Fellow Residents,

Welcome back! The Residence Halls Association (RHA) executive board is excited to spend this next school year with you. Let me take a moment to introduce you to thisyear’s executive board:Sarah Hill (President), Alex Whiteaker (Vice President), Maria Buck (Chief Financial Officer), CJ Cacace (Chief of Staff), Jesus Leon (Executive Programmer), and Loretta Malloy (Communications Director). Now, a little bit about RHA;it is one of Fordham’s largest organizations that is focused entirely on you, the residents, and how we can make your experience at Fordham the best it can be. RHA represents you, and aims to voice your concerns, opinions, and ideas along with putting on awesome events!

To give you a taste of what RHA is all about, the following are some highlights from last year (2012-2013):
  1. September 2012: RHA started a new tradition: ClubLib – a concert held on the lawn in front of Walsh Library. We, along with many other organizations on campus, aim to uphold this tradition for many years to come. Another tradition also began as a product of ClubLib: co-programming with as many organizations on campus. USG, CSA, PeerEds, FlipSide, and SCC worked alongside RHA to put on a successful program.
  2. November 2012: RHA worked with the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and United Student Government (USG) to put on Sound Out Sandy (SOS) – a benefit concert for hurricane Sandy relief, raising over $3200.
  3. December 2012: Each residence hall puts on its own Midnight Breakfast, encouraging all of its residents to get together and feast in preparation for finals.
  4. February 2013: February is marked as Benefit Month. RHA hosts a variety of charity events leading up to its largest event, the Benefit Auction. Each year RHA is responsible for raising thousands of dollars for a charity chosen by the organization as a whole.
  5. April 2013: April is one of the most exciting months for RHA and the university as a whole. For decades RHA has been charged with planning and putting on Under The Tent (UTT)– the largest event of Fordham’s beloved Spring Weekend. Every year the school anticipates the reveal of the UTT theme. Last year, the theme was Great Gatsby. Over 2,000 people attended the event, bringing in over $40,000 to the organization.
  6. Year Round: Explored, worked on, and accomplished policy initiatives by way of the Residence Life Committee (RLC), led by our Executive Vice President.
The above highlights are just that, highlights. Each residence hall board is responsible for putting on many amazing programs throughout the year outside of these larger ones. Aside from programming, RHA is a community that fosters internal friendships along with friendships with our co-organizations (i.e., CSA, USG, CAB, FlipSide, PeerEds, and many more).

We encourage all of you to run for positions within each of your halls. The positions are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Programmer. Elections will be held in September – date to be announced. The executive board will be handing out election application packets at the club fair –if you can’t make it, don’t worry we will be everywhere thereafter.
Join our RHA family!

Go Rams,

Sarah Hill

Find us on Facebook: search "Residence Halls Association"
Twitter: @fordhamrha

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