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Damage Billing Codes

Damage Billing Codes

Damage Billing

The following is a list of commonly used codes which our office uses to code certain charges which occur during the course of the year. If you find a two or three digit code on your bill beginning with either "RD:" or "J:", there is a good chance that the explanation can be found below.

It is most likely that you will be directed to the Administrative Manager for Damage Billing or the Associate Director of Judicial Affairs, dependent upon your code(s), if you have questions concerning your bill.

If you find a code and still need further explanation after speaking to your son or daughter regarding the incident or damage, please feel free to call our office at (718) 817-3080.


Judicial Fines
J:01 Alcohol
J:03 Cable Television
J:13 Illegal Electrical Appliances
J:20 University Furniture/Property
J:27 Incomplete Sanctions
J:34 Postings/Signs
J:35 Property Damage
J:37 Quiet Hours Violation
J:40 Room Care
J:50 Unauthorized Use of ID Card
J:51 Visitation Violation

Housing Operations Fines
RD:60 Furniture Replacements
RD:61 Broken Windows
RD:62 Uncleanliness/Health Violation
RD:63 Damaged/Missing Blinds
RD:64 Damaged/Missing Window Shades
RD:65 Damaged Carpets/Floors
RD:66 Broken/Missing Light Fixtures
RD:67 Missing/Damaged Sofa
RD:68 Missing/Damaged Loveseat
RD:69 Missing/Damaged Lounge Chair
RD:70 Missing/Damaged Coffee Table
RD:71 Missing/Damaged Dining Room Table
RD:72 Missing/Damaged Dining Room Chair
RD:73 Missing/Damaged Desk
RD:74 Missing/Damaged Desk Chair
RD:75 Missing/Damaged Mattress
RD:76 Missing/Damaged Bedframe
RD:77 Missing/Damaged Dresser
RD:78 Missing/Damaged Wardrobe/Armoire
RD:79 Missing/Damaged Shower Curtain/Rod
RD:80 Damaged Bathtub/Shower
RD:81 Damaged Medicine Cabinet
RD:82 Damaged Toilet
RD:83 Missing/Damaged Refridgerator
RD:84 Missing/Damaged Freezer Doors
RD:85 Missing/Damaged Stove
RD:86 Missing/Damaged Oven
RD:87 Missing/Damaged Cabinets
RD:88 Missing/Damaged Countertops
RD:89 Missing/Damaged Floor Tiles
RD:90 Missing/Damaged Sink
RD:91 Missing/Damaged Fire Extinguisher
RD:92 Missing/Damaged Smoke Detector
RD:93 Missing/Damaged Recycling Containers
RD:94 Damaged Radiator
RD:95 Tampering with Fire Equipment
RD:96 Fire Safety Violation
RD:97 Unauthorized University Furniture
RD:98 Unauthorized Air Conditioner
RD:99 Illegal Appliances
RD:101 Non-University Lock
RD:102 Vandalism
RD:103 Damaged Walls
RD:104 Damaged Stairs
RD:105 Damaged Telephone
RD:106 Damaged Alarms
RD:107 Damaged Lock
RD:108 Damaged Closets
RD:109 Damaged Elevators
RD:110 Damage to Bathroom
RD:111 Damage to Lounge Areas
RD:112 Damage to Hallway
RD:113 Damage to Common Area
RD:114 Damage to Suite Room
RD:115 Refridgerator Not Defrosted
RD:116 Early Arrival
RD:117 Late Stay
RD:118 Improper Check-Out
RD:119 Broken Doors
RD:120 Fire Safety Violation
J:121 Lost Key(s)
J:122 Returned Key(s)

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