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Room Retention: February 24 - February 27

Room Selection Phase 2: Feb. 24th - Feb. 27th 2014


February 24-27, 2014

-                This step is only available to upperclassmen.  Freshmen students cannot participate in Room Retention.

-                If you and your roommates want to live in the same room next year, you are eligible to retain this room if more than 50% of the current occupants are willing to retain, (i.e., 4 in a 7, 4 in a 6, 3 in a 5, 3 in a 4, or 2 in a 3) AND you are able to fill all spaces within the room/suite. 

-                If some of the occupants do not wish to retain, but over 50% still do, you must find new roommates to fill the remaining spaces.

-                Double rooms require both students in order to retain the room. 

-                You cannot retain a room if you do not have the total number of persons to fill the room or apartment.  

-                If you do not form a valid Retention Group by March 5th  at 5pm, you and your group members are no longer eligible to request Room Retention, however you can participate in Room Selection. 

The number of occupants necessary to retain is as follows:                                        

Single Rooms:  Finlay Hall, O’Hare Hall, Loschert Hall, Alumni Court South


Suites/Apartments: Walsh Hall suites, Campbell Hall and Salice-Conley Hall suites

over 50%

Off Campus Suites/Apartments: TerraNova, Hughes, Arthur 1, and Arthur 2 Apartments


Double Rooms: Finlay Hall and O’Hare Hall

both occupants

Triples: Finlay Hall and O’Hare Hall

over 50%


If you live in the following buildings/wings you WILL NOT be able to retain for the Fall 2014 semester: 

Queen's Court, Martyrs' Court, Alumni Court South Doubles/Triples, Loschert Hall Doubles/Triples, Tierney Hall, ILC-GB, West Wing ILC, RA Suitemates/Adjoining Rooms, Physically Accessible rooms (unless you receive approval through the Acommodations process).

If a member of the group is falsely included, the retention of the entire suite or room will be invalid and all students will be eliminated from the room selection process.

Creating a Retention Roommate Group:

-         Log into the housing application at

-          Select Roommate Group Selection

-          1 CURRENT resident from the room that the group wishes to retain must create a group name and password. 

-           The group name must be the hall and room assignment that you wish to retain. (If you wish to retain Walsh 304, your group name must be Walsh 304)

-          Give the group name and password to desired group members.  The number of members in your group must match the number of spaces in the room/suite you wish to retain. 

-          If all of the members of your group do not have the same graduation year, all members with the same graduation year as the group leader should join the group.  All other members must email with the group name and password requesting to be added to the group.

-          Group leader must check to make sure ALL of the correct group members are in the group and verify the group; if the group is not verified, it is not yet considered an actual group and will not be eligible for Room Retention.

-          If you want to retain a single, create a group of 1 and verify it. 

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