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Information For New Students

Information For New Students

How To Apply For Housing
Housing options for Freshmen include the following residence halls: Queen’s Court Residential College (QCRC); The Manresa Program in Martyrs’ Court Jogues (MPMCJ); Alumni Court South, which contains both traditional housing and the Science Integrated Learning Community (SILC) and Loschert Hall. Information about all of these residence halls can be found here.

MPMCJ, and SILC are our specialized Integrated Learning Communities (ILCs) for first year students.  A brochure detailing these unique housing options will be mailed to you in April; you can also click here for more information.

If you are offered housing you will recieve instructions detailing how to fill out the online housing application.

Housing Assignments
Once you have submitted your online Housing Application, the Office will begin to make housing assignments.  Students are notified of housing assignments in early August.  Students will receive a letter indicating their housing assignment, as well as any roommate information.  If you have not received a housing assignment by mid-August, please contact the Office of Residential Life at 718-817-3080.

Converted Triples, Designed Triples, and Quads
Converted Triples: Due to high demand for University housing, some double rooms in Loschert Hall, Alumni Court South, Queen’s Court and Martyrs' Court at Rose Hill will be converted to triple rooms at a reduced cost. Students living in these converted rooms will pay a reduced rate only while living with an additional roommate and will be moved if space becomes available. If you would be interested in this type of housing, please indicate this on your application.  When space becomes available, students in triple rooms may be required to de-triple into these open spaces and the housing charge will be adjusted to the higher rate.  In the beginning of the Fall Semester after students move into housing, students in converted triples will be given forms to indicate their interest in detripling; only students who submit completed forms to the Office of Residential Life will be considered for detripling.

Designed Triples
: A small number of rooms in Alumni Court South, Martyrs' Court and Tierney Hall are designed triples. These rooms are larger than double rooms and converted triple rooms.  Students in designed triples do not pay a reduced rate.

Quads: A small number of rooms in Tierney Hall, which may house transfer students are Quads housing four students each.  As these rooms are very spacious, students living in Quads do not pay a reduced rate.

Freshman and Transfer Student move in is a coordinated effort between students, parents, and many University departments across campus.  Included in the August letter with your housing assignment will be a move-in card indicating the time frame you should arrive to campus to move into your housing assignment.  Upon moving into your new residence hall, you will be invited to participate in a variety of Orientation activities; for details, please visit the Orientation Website here.
Fordham’s Housing Guarantee
All undergraduate students admitted with housing have a right to housing for four consecutive years, as long as there is no break in occupancy. If a student withdraws from housing or is dismissed, the right is revoked.
Commuter Students Interested in Housing
If you have been accepted to Fordham University but were not given housing by the Office of Admissions, please fill out the Housing Waitlist Form or contact the Office of Residential Life at 718-817-3080 if you have any questions about our housing waitlist.  Housing is extremely limited, and first year students on the housing waitlist often are not offered housing until the first few weeks of the Fall Semester.  However, the Office of Residential Life has frequently been able to offer many freshmen housing from the waitlist for the Spring Semester.
What Can I Bring With Me? 
Be sure to check with your roommate to make sure you don’t bring duplicate items (like stereos, televisions, refrigerators, etc.). Items you should be sure to bring are:

   1. A couple of small wastebaskets for trash and recycling. Recycling is mandatory in residence halls.
   2. Linens (mattresses are 36" x 80" and require extra-long twin-sized sheets), pillows, blankets, towels.
   3. A cable-ready television set and coaxial cable for hook-up. Only one television is allowed per room.
   4. An Ethernet cord
A laundry bag and hangers/closet organizers
   6. Storage boxes that will fit under your bed.
   7. Telephone, desk lamp, alarm clock, first aid kit and flashlight.
   8. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) appliances only (hair dryers, coffee makers, etc.).  Electric coffee makers are
       allowed, but they should have an automatic turn-off.

What Can I Not Bring With Me?
For safety and security reasons, the following items are NOT ALLOWED in Fordham's residence halls:

   1. Anything with an open heating element
   2. Hot plates/George Foreman Grills
   3. Microwaves (except in Walsh, CSC and BCH)
   4. Halogen lamps
   5. Toasters and toaster ovens
   6. Indoor grills
   7. Space heaters
   8. Air conditioners
   9. Refrigerators larger than 4.0 cubic feet
  10. Non-UL approved extension cords and surge protectors
  11. Candles
  12. Incense
  13. Pets

What Dining Services Are Available?
Meals are provided from the first day of the semester through the last day of exams, exclusive of University closings. All Rose Hill students, with the exception of those living in Walsh Hall, Campbell Hall, Salice Conley Hall and Belmont Community Housing are required to participate in a meal plan. For further information, please refer to the dining brochures for your respective campus. 
Click here for more information on meal plan offerings.

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