The Manresa Program in Loyola Hall

The newly renovated Loyola Hall will be the new home of the Manresa Scholars Program in the fall of 2014!

The Manresa Program, housed in Loyola Hall, is a rigorous and exciting integrated learning opportunity for freshmen at the Rose Hill campus.

Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) students granted acceptance into the program select a Manresa seminar course from one of seven options, taught by one of Fordham’s noted professor-scholars who also serves as the student's academic advisor. In these demanding small classes, Manresa scholars get to know their professors/advisors and classmates well, investigate academic disciplines, explore questions about the value and meaning of liberal arts education in the Jesuit tradition, and integrate in-class learning with extracurricular activities that take advantage of Fordham’s location in New York City.

Gabelli School of Business (GSB) students will select a course from one of three options, including the opportunity to enroll in a specialized version of “The Ground Floor” course, in which they will be introduced to the fundamentals of business, work as a team to develop a business plan, learn to think “entrepreneurially”, and be exposed to multi-national corporations located in New York.

Given Fordham’s Jesuit commitment to a well-rounded education of disce ubi habites (“learn where you live”), Manresa scholars also participate in series of activities designed in concert with Academic Affairs, Residential Life, and Mission and Ministry to foster a holistic living-learning experience.

Manresa students are expected to uphold high standards as they live together. Respect of the individual and community are essential components to learning about  their new environment through substantive participation in the program while engaging peers, in-house student  tutors, resident assistants, and faculty through respectful dialogue.

All Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) Manresa Applicants must have a 600 SAT Writing score or 26 ACT English/Writing score in order to meet the qualifications for the Manresa Program.

All Gabelli School of Business (GSB) Manresa Applicants must have a 540 SAT Writing score or a 23 ACT English/Writing score in order to meet the qualifications for the Manresa Program.

Manresa Program Pre-Application
The Manresa Program Pre-Application is now available!

In order to fill out your application, please prepare the following essay ahead of time:

Not exceeding 100 words, please articulate your understanding of a year-long commitment to the expectations and spirit of the Manresa  Program and the community standards of the Loyola Hall Residential College (as listed above).

Click here
* to fill out the pre-application.

*Please note: in order to gain access to the application, you must log in with your Fordham University credentials. You must be completely logged out of any personal gmail account in order to gain access to the application!

Manresea Program Seminar Selections 
FALL 2014

Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) Course Options
1. Abnormal Psychology in Contemporary Culture
2. Texts & Contexts: Spanish Colonialism Through Film
Discrete Structures, Computer Science and Transformative Technologies
4. The Lost Interlocutor: Philosophy of Human Nature
5. Restless Hearts: The Search for God
Texts & Contexts: Jesuit Cross-Cultural Encounters
7. Understanding Historical Change: Representing China & The West

Gabelli School of Business (GSB) Course Options
1. The Ground Floor
2. The Lost Interlocutor: Philosophy of Human Nature
3. Restless Hearts: The Search for God

Manresa Symposium on Jesuit Education and Social Justice (Optional 1-credit symposium)

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