Queen's Court Residential College

Looking for something different for your freshman year experience? Tradition, Jesuit education, and healthy living come together in Queen's Court Residential College.  Residents invest their time and talents into a community that pays them back tenfold.  The hall is more than a place with special events and in-hall classes.  Those who call Queen's Court their home challenge themselves and others to grow in every direction.  This builds a tight-knit community that turns neighbors into friends.  That's why so many Queen's Court Alumni say: “Once a Queen's Courter, always a Queen's Courter.”

Queen’s Court Residential College, an intentional community of one hundred-fifty residents, was established to assist in the integration of first year students into University life.  Its inception in 1987 was a response to a felt need for a living experience that would embody the best qualities of a Jesuit education: a devotion to learning, respect for tradition, and a commitment to community living without the involvement of alcohol or drugs.  Queen’s Court is a combination of three halls – St. John’s Hall, Robert’s Hall and Bishop’s Hall.  Each is steeped in the history and traditions of Fordham University.  Bishop’s hall houses the main lounge, one of the most elegant rooms of the university.  It serves as a quiet study area and a gathering place for house programs.  Other facilities include a social lounge, kitchen, dinette, group study areas and a classroom.  Each semester, core curriculum courses are offered in Queen’s Court as part of the Residential College experience.  They are taught by outstanding faculty members.


The Queen’s Court staff consists of a Master and an Assistant Master/ Faculty in Residence, a Resident Director and five undergraduate assistants.  The Master and the Assistant Master also serve as Academic Advisors/ Counselors for residents.

Queen's Court Traditional Programs

All events and activities of the Residential College aim to challenge ideas, expand horizons, promote reflection and enhance community.  The following are traditional programs that are unique to Queen’s Court:

Knight Court: One of the most popular programs, Knight Court gives residents an opportunity to speak on a topic or demonstrate a skill or talent of their choosing. Residents are expected to attend two of the four weekly sessions, held Monday through Thursday
at 10 p.m.

Disputatio: Disputatio introduces residents to the art of debating. A team of community representatives chooses an issue and prepares to present its pros and cons, in a convincing manner, to a panel of faculty judges. Disputatio occurs once per semester.

Common Dinner:
Common Dinner brings residents together to share a meal in the faculty dining room on a biweekly basis. It is enhanced by a creative theme and hosted by different halls. Faculty members are frequently invited guests.

Art Court: Art Court gives resident actors, musicians, artists, photographers, poets and orators a chance to showcase the fruits of their creative labors. Art Court is held each year in the spring.

Queen’s Court Ball and Awards Night: Awards Night recognizes members of the Queen’s Court community who have best demonstrated the spirit and standards of the residential college. This night occurs at the end of each academic year.

Bagel Brunch with The New York Times: Gives residents an opportunity to socialize with one another and to relax.  Meets in the lounge on Sunday mornings from 11:00 am-1:00 pm.

In addition to these distinctive Queen’s Court traditions, other numerous opportunities are provided to foster the areas of service, scholarship, and leadership for each resident.

Should you wish to live in Queen’s Court, please understand the commitment you are making to participate actively in creating a dynamic community.  Those who indicate Queen’s Court as a first choice will receive a follow-up letter from the master, which calls for a response, indicating one’s intention to abide by the standards of the community.

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