Wellness Integrated Learning Community

The Wellness Integrated Learning Community explores various concepts of wellness, while providing tangible experiences to integrate these ideas into daily life practices. 

During the 2014-2015 Academic Year, the Wellness ILC will intentionally explore 8 embodiments of Wellness: Emotional Wellness, Social Wellness, Physical Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Creative Wellness, Vocational Wellness, and Environmental Wellness! We are looking for residents who are interested in exploring all of these concepts together within the community.

The Wellness Integrated Learning Community is located on the 5th floor of O’Hare Hall Residential College and is available to both Sophomores and Juniors.

To be a member of the Wellness ILC, all residents will be required to sign a participation agreement that commits to living a substance free lifestyle (a lifestyle free from alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances.), as well as attending at least 75% of the monthly ILC related events and programs. 

Efforts for this Integrated Learning Community are coordinated by:

Ms. Barbara Almeida: Resident Director for O'Hare Hall (oharerda@fordham.edu)
Ms. Ana Medina: Associate Resident Director for O'Hare Hall (oharerdb@fordham.edu)
Ms. Shannon McKenna: Resident Assistant for the Wellness ILC (smckenna11@fordham.edu)
Mr. Joshua Conway: Area Coordinator for Integrated Learning Communities (jconway28@fordham.edu)

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