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Campbell Hall, Salice and Conley Halls


Population: Upperclassmen

In the spirit of Fordham’s mission to cultivate moral leaders for a global society, the Residential Colleges of Campbell, Salice and Conley Halls (CSC) are designed to meet the unique needs of our senior and junior class students as they develop the transitional skills needed for life after undergraduate education. Recognizing our dynamic and changing world, CSC provides opportunities for enrichment with a focus on experiential education, personal growth and professional fulfillment.

A collaboration of students, faculty and administrators, the Campbell, Salice and Conley Residential Colleges provide:

  • Career and post-graduate specific workshops and support: this includes satellite office hours by Career Services, seminars and networking opportunities with alumni and industry professionals, and workshops focusing on career awareness and assessment, as well as internal and external resources, etc.
  • Transitions programming:  events and activities within CSC are geared towards three overarching themes - Finding Your Passion, Basic Skills, and Your Fordham Bucket List.  These programs are meant to encourage residents to prepare for life after Fordham.  Additionally, CSC has partnered with the Office of Student Leadership and community Development to provide Senior Transitions Programs within the halls.
  • Amenities geared towards members of the senior and junior classes: free coffee on Wednesdays in the Campbell Cafe, dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off service, and career-related magazines in the laundry rooms, etc.
Residents of Campbell, Salice and Conley Halls should expect to be active participants in a variety of programs and activities intended to enhance their personal and professional development. 

These halls will offer a number of different types of living arrangements: apartments are designed to house 4 students (either in 4 single or 2 double rooms), 5 students (in 5 single rooms), or 6 students (in 3 double rooms; limited availability). More than half of the rooms available will be single occupancy. The apartments will be fully furnished and boast air conditioning, climate control within individual apartments, and kitchens equipped with dishwashers and microwaves. These halls will house 450 students. The halls are elevator equipped and have study lounges on each floor.  The lobby areas feature laundry facilities, a campus eatery, a classroom with smart technology, and a large meeting space.


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Rates are subject to change and do not include the Resident Activity Fee.

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