Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Finlay Hall

Population: Upperclassmen

This residence hall consists primarily of triple bedrooms with a small number of singles and doubles, all with private bathrooms. Most triple rooms are designed with a loft for added space. This hall houses approximately 295 upper-class students. Finlay has an elevator, one study lounge, a common lounge, TV/VCR, and kitchen and laundry facilities. Air-conditioning is available for a few weeks after opening and at the end of the academic year.

Approx. Typical Room Dimensions: 10 x 17 feet

Room and Board RateS*
    Combined Room Rates & Meal Plans
Type of Room Room Rate Block Plans $4,995
Unlimited $5,965
Block Plus $5,140
Unlimited Plus $6,170
$12,125 $17,120 $18,090 $17,265 $18,295
Double/Triple $10,825 $15,820 $16,790 $15,965 $16,995
*These Rates are subject to change and do not include the Residence Hall Activity Fee
Room rate is for reference only, all residents in this dormitory are required to have a meal plan

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