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The Residential College at Tierney Hall


Tierney Up closePopulation: Upperclassmen

The Residential College at Tierney Hall will be home to 150 upperclass students, primarily sophomores with a small number of juniors and/or seniors, as well as a select group of transfer students. Members of this small community will work closely with six Resident Assistants, a Resident Director, a Master, Mission and Ministry staff and staff from Fordham College and the Gabelli School to create an intentional experience that focuses on the specific needs of the community. Students will have the opportunity to be actively involved in programs and activities designed to address the transition from freshman to sophomore year, as well as an introduction to the Fordham community for transfer students. Renovated in 2007, Tierney Hall has a large community kitchen, smart technology lounges, and study nooks throughout the building. Residents will live in double, triple or quad occupancy rooms (all at standard rates) with air conditioning and common bathrooms.

Approx. Typical Room Dimensions: 14 x 15 feet

Room and Board RateS*
    Combined Room Rates & Meal Plans
Type of Room Room Rate Block Plans $4,995
Unlimited $5,965
Block Plus $5,140
Unlimited Plus $6,170
$10,975 $15,970 $16,940 $16,115 $17,145
*These Rates are subject to change and do not include the Residence Hall Activity Fee
Room rate is for reference only, all residents in this dormitory are required to have a meal plan

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