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QUALITY OF LIFE                                                                

Clause 1: Will work closely with the Assistant Directors for Housing Operations and other administrators to better and preserve the quality of life in the residence halls.

Clause 2: Will petition and propose ways to better the residence hall experience.

Clause 3: Will be chaired by the Executive President.

The Quality of Life Committee will be made up of Presidents of each of the resident halls.  You will be working with Elisa DiMauro, Executive President, in an attempt to better the residence halls and the campus.  Members of the committee will be asked to hold Quality of Life discussions within their respective Residence Halls where they will be responsible for discussing and recording issues based on a specific theme related to life on campus.  That theme will again arise at the Quality of Life meeting held by Elisa where we will attempt to provide solutions for the respective dilemma, question, or problem. 

We, as a committee, will investigate a number of different issues on campus from the quality of food Sodexo provides to the facilities/ custodial responsiveness.  Those on the committee are asked to constantly question why things are the way they are and what they can do to make things better.  Fordham University is an impeccable school, but this committee tries to make it even better. It is the goal of the committee to provide an open and free forum to discuss imperative campus related problems.

Members must be willing to give time to interact with some of the most influential members of the administration and always be willing to speak their mind.  The Quality of Life Committee is RHA’s best means of changing things on the Rose Hill Campus for the better.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact RHA President.

SERIES OF FORTUNATE EVENTS                                        

Clause 1: Will coordinate efforts to plan, implement, publicize and evaluate annual charity events.

Clause 2: Will be chaired by the Executive Vice President.

The Philanthropy Committee, as headed by the Executive Vice President, Paul Caruselle,works throughout the year to prepare for the annual RHA Series of Fortunate Events.  The week includes daily events that raise money for various local charities, and concludes with the annual Benefit Auction. The purpose of the committee is to brainstorm ideas for various events that will take place during Benefit Week, to assist the Executive Vice President in planning these events, to advertise these events, and to staff the events with the help of the rest of the General Board.

Each year, the Committee determines the events that will take place during Benefit Week, which in the past have included a Wine Tasting, Poker Tournament, Concert, etc. The Committee will also determine which organizations the events will benefit, with the exception of the AIDS Benefit Auction. In the past and for the future, the Auciton has supported the Incarnation Children's Center, a rehabilitation center for adolescents infected with HIV/AIDS located in Manhattan, NY. The Auction consists of both silent and live portions. Items that are auctioned typically include baskets made by each of the residence halls, electronics, gift certificates, autographs, event tickets, and the first and second housing lottery numbers. These items are donated by various organizations on campus, residence halls, parents, and local merchants.


Clause 1: Will sponsor, organize and create inter-hall and campus wide programs and activities.

Clause 2: Will be responsible for the evaluation, development, implementation and publicity of programs.

Clause 3:  Will coordinate efforts to plan, implement, publicize andevaluate the Annual Under the Tent Dance.

Clause 4: Will be chaired by the Executive Program Coordinator. 

The Programming Committeeis chaired by the Executive Programmer, Will Thibeau, and consists of all General Board programmers. Other General Board members are welcomedto join the committee if they have interest. The Programming Committee is responsible for assisting the Executive Programmer with the planning and execution of the Under the Tent Dance. They will help with theme selection, decorating, and logistical planning of the event. The committee itself with meet as needed starting at the end of the first semester and continuing until the dance itself.


Clause 1: Will make recommendations to the General Board on fundraising matters.

Clause 2: Will be responsible for the development and execution of fundraising programs for the Executive Board.

Clause 3: Will oversee budget issues and concerns for the General Board.

Clause 4: Will be responsible for approving and denying budget appeals from Hall Boards during the academic year.

Clause 5: Will be chaired by the Chief Financial Officer.

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