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Policy and Procedure



Photocopies can be made using the copy machine in the Office of Residential Life located in Loschert Hall
basement.  RHA members have access to this Residential Life's equiptment during normal office hours.


To reserve space in the
McGinley Center, Keating First Auditorium, Keating Third Auditorium, Collins Auditorium, O’Keefe Commons or classroom space, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development at extension 4340 or go to the office located in McGinley Center Room 204 and ask for Julian Martinez.  All room reservation forms must be signed by an advisor.  For the Lombardi Center, the Rose Hill Gym, or any of the athletic fields, please contact the Athletic Facilities Director of the Lombardi Center at extension 4260.  To reserve classroom space during class time, please contact the Registrar’s Office at extension 3900.  To reserve residence hall lounges please call extension 3080 or speak to your Resident Director.  (All rooms are free of charge providing the necessary cleanup is completed.  Fines may insue if the area is left particularly messy.)


Guards are needed at events where there will be large amounts of people or if the event is open to everyone.  The general rule of thumb is one guard per fifty people.  Security can be booked when reserving event space with the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development.  Security forms, available in OSL&CD,  must be signed by the RHA Advisor.  Security must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.  The hall board must notify the executive board if they plan to have an event that requires the presence of security personnel.

PUBLICITY AND PUBLICATIONS                                    

In order for RHA to post flyers campus-wide or to post large banners in McGinley Center, they must bear the “Approved for Posting” stamp.  The stamp is available in the Office of Student Leadership and Community Development in the McGinley Center Room 204 during regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Flyers within residence halls do not need approval from the Office of Student Leadership and CommunityDevelopment, but need approval from the Resident Director. All flyers must contain the RHA logo. Posters must be taken down no later than one day after the event has taken place.

SELLING T-SHIRTS, HATS, ETC.                                    

Many boards choose to sell apparel that depicts or represents their hall.  The RHA executive board can provide you with a company to assist you in this type of program.  The executive board and RD must approve all designs in advance and the ordering of these items is restricted to first semester.


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