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Rules and Regulations



RHA is a full year commitment.  All members are expected to take that commitment seriously.  RHA general board meetings occur on Sunday nights at 8:00pm in Martyrs’ Court LaLande Lounge.  These meetings are VERY important, so all members must attend.  If you are unable to make the Sunday night meeting, you must contact the Chief of Staff at least one day before the meeting.

In addition to general board meetings, each hall will meet on a weekly basis amongst themselves, their Resident Director, and an RA liaison.  Hall boards are responsible for contacting the RD and arranging the meetings.  An executive board member will be assigned to each hall to offer assistance throughout the year who should be kept informed of meetings so that he/she may attend.

If a member compiles 3 unexcused absences from the general board meetings, that member will receive a letter of warning.  The next unexcused absence can result in dismissal from RHA.  Repeated absences from the hall board or committee meetings will be handled in the same manner.  An unexcused absence is any absence that has not been cleared by the Chief of Staff.  All absences are considered unexcused until the executive board clears them.


There are four standing committees, and each is headed by a member of the executive board.  Committees will generally meet a few times a semester.


ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES                                    
RHA is a powerful and respected student organization and, as such, we will often be called upon to become part of campus-wide events.  For example, RHA assists with the housing lottery and the residential life survey.

Any member of the board who is not fulfilling his/her obligations to RHA may be impeached as defined in the RHA Constitution.  Participation includes involvement in your residence hall programming as well as general board duties tied to committee participation and regulation.


As an elected representative of the Residence Halls Association, members are expected to act in a manner appropriate to the leadership position held.  Members are expected to adhere to the policies of Residential Life and the expectations of Fordham University.  General board members should consider themselves ambassadors between administration and the student body.


There are certain types of programs which each hall board are required to execute.  The specific regulations and obligations are further discussed in the “Programming” section of the binder.


All members must not be on academic, university, or housing probation.

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