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Program Director Andrew Gheraldi
  While Andrew Gheraldi served as Head Couch, Fordham Rugby found victory at the Cherry Blossoms Tournament in Washington, D.C., won the Championship of the METNY Rugby Football Union over the USMA at West Point, reached the Final Four of the NRU Playoffs, become nationally ranked by RugbyMag, and helped found the Empire Rugby Conference. Over the Summer of 2012, Coach Gheraldi was promoted to the position of Program Director from which he administrates the future of Fordham Rugby and coordinately closely with the Fordham administration and Fordham Alumni. A Fordham Rugby Alumnus himself (Class of 2005), Director Gheraldi also coaches the NYPD Rugby 7's Squad and plays several positions on the Old Maroon Men's Club of Fordham Alumni.


FORWARDS Coach James Wright

Assistant Coach Nick Boire
 photo pending   As an active Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and a Fordham Graduate Student and until recently Fordham rugger, Coach Boire has provided special attention to incoming first-time rugby players. Drawing on his habits of military precision, Coach Boire is charged with the training of fundamentals and conditioning of new players. Drawing on his ten years of experience as a battlefield leader, Coach Boire provides lessons on team cohesion and individual leadership.

Past Additional Coaching Staff
In the past, Coach Kevin Lavelle of the FDNY and Captain Fallon of the US Army (Fordham ROTC) have contributed tremendously to the development of the FURFC Backs. Coach Bob Blinn of the NYPD has been integral to the training of our Forwards especially in the scrums.

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