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Fordham Rugby Scoreboard
Fall 2012

Date Time Team Result
September 9 12:00 PM vs. USMA at West Point L 40-5
September 16 12:00 PM vs. SUNY Binghamton L 8-7*
September 22 7:00 PM vs. USMMA at King's Point L 19-13*
September 29 12:00 PM vs. Rutgers University L 17-12*
October 7 1:00 PM @ Iona College L 27-15
October 13 7:00 PM vs. St. Bonaventure L 21-17*
October 20 3:00 PM @ SUNY Buffalo L 24-19*
October 21 12:00 PM @ Brockport College L 36-15
November 10 1:00 PM @ Syracuse University L 47-17
November 17 1:00 PM @ Stony Brook L 42-27
* = bonus point earned

Match Reports
FURFC v West Point
The Rams dropped their Empire season opener to a mixed West Point A/B side 40-5. The Rams held their own through the first 60 minutes, trailing 13-5 before a fitness deficit allowed West Point to wrap up the competition. Nevertheless, during the first 60 minutes, Fordham played strong efficient defense and had moments of brillance on offense. The defensive play of the forwards around the rucks was supported by quality kicking from the Fordham backline. This performance matched closely the Northeast Rugby Union playoff match between West Point and Fordham when Fordham held the USMA at 10-5 for the first 60 minutes.
FURFC v Binghamton
Fordham dropped a hard fought nail-biter 8-7 to Binghamton on Sunday at Rose Hill. The Rams showed staunch defense, but will need to continue work on their attack structure. The Rams earned a bonus point for the close loss.

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