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Hosted Regattas

Hosted Regattas

After returning to College Sailing in 2000, Fordham resurrected the Jesuit Cup Regatta and the Greater New York Dinghy Championship, two historical competitions, which were inaugurated in 1955 and 1948 respectively. Today these events continue as the Jesuit Open Interconference Regatta and the Greater New York Dinghy Regatta.

Jesuit Open Interconference Regatta

Originally a MAISA only, biannual “Triangular” organized by Fordham, Georgetown and St. Joseph’s College of Philadelphia, the competition initially rotated between Georgetown, which sailed out of the Washington Marina in Virginia, and St. Joseph’s, which shared a fleet of four wooden Flying Juniors with Haverford, Swarthmore & the University of Pennsylvania at the Cooper River Yacht Club in New Jersey. In the fall of 1957, Fordham obtained a fleet of four fiberglass Interclub dinghies and hosted the spring 1958 event, which included the University of Detroit, a Jesuit school from the MCSA. Detroit won and took the Jesuit Cup, which had been donated by the Fordham Sailing Team in 1955, back to the Motor City.

In 1958, the event was held once and it became an annual competition in 1962. Boston College and Holy Cross from NEISA eventually participated. After winning the event in 1970 and ’71, Fordham Sailing lost its varsity status and the competition ceased in 1972.

In 2001, with a fleet of six, brand new 420s, Fordham resurrected the Jesuit Cup Regatta. Fordham alumnus, Greg Scalzi ’75 found the original Jesuit Cup in his attic, where it had been for 27 years, and the competition, originally open only to Jesuit schools, was expanded to include all Catholic schools. Over the next few years, in addition to Fordham & Georgetown, participating schools included Loyola (MD), MAISA; Fairfield & Holy Cross, NEISA; John Carroll, Marquette & Notre Dame, MCSA, and Loyola (NO), SEISA.

As Fordham added more boats, the regatta became a 10-school event, and after Fordham & Columbia collaborated to purchase 20 boats in 2010, it was renamed the Jesuit Open Interconference Regatta, and became an 18-team competition open to all ICSA teams.

Winners Spring (S) and Fall (F)

1955 - Georgetown (S)                   2002 - Georgetown

Georgetown (F)
1956 - Georgetown (S)                   2003 - Georgetown                      
          Georgetown (F)

1957 - Fordham (S)                        2004 - Georgetown                         

Georgetown (F)   

1958 - Detroit                                2005 - Georgetown   

1959 - Georgetown (S)                   2006 - Georgetown                  

          Fordham (F)                 

1960 - Georgetown                        2007 - Georgetown   

1961 - Georgetown (S)                   2008 - Georgetown                 
          Fordham (F)                     

1962 - Boston College
                    2009 - Fordham

1963 - Georgetown                        2010 - Fordham

1964 - Georgetown                        2011 - Tufts

1965 - Georgetown                        2012 - Fordham

1966 - Georgetown                        2013 - Hobart/Wm. Smith

1967 - Holy Cross                          2014 - U.S. Naval Academy

1968 - Holy Cross

1969 - Georgetown

1970 - Fordham

1971 - Fordham

Greater New York Dinghy Regatta

The Faculty Advisors' Trophy is one of the oldest awards in College Sailing. From the "Deed of the Gift…”

“A championship for the colleges of New York's metropolitan area was planned in 1947 but its inauguration was delayed by bad weather until the following spring when the faculty advisors of Cooper Union, Kings Point, New York State Maritime, Stevens Tech and Webb Institute, the five original contestants, presented a permanent trophy in the form of a plaque containing a half-model of the Interclub Dinghy. Hofstra will become a regular participant at the next championship, and other metropolitan colleges will be eligible upon joining the Association (MAISA). It is as yet uncertain whether the Greater New York Championship, a two-crew event, will be held annually or semi-annually.”

In addition to the charter colleges named above, Fordham, Columbia, Army, Princeton & Rutgers were soon added.

Until the early to mid-70’s, events such as this were held twice annually.

Kings Point hosted this championship 36X from the spring of 1948 through the spring of 1978. It is not known why the competition ceased after 1978 but in 2002, the Faculty Advisors’ Trophy was found in a closet at Kings Point and transferred to Fordham University, which resurrected this event as an annual regatta. In 2005, when Fordham’s fleet was expanded to 10 boats, the competition was open to all MAISA teams and the name of the event changed to the Greater New York Dinghy Regatta. After Fordham and Columbia created their joint venture in 2011, the regatta was expanded to 18 teams and NEISA was invited to participate.

From 1948-1978, the championship was won by Kings Point 26x, Webb Institute 6x, NYS Maritime 5x and Columbia, Cooper Union and Stevens once each. Since its renaissance in 2002, the regatta has been won by Fordham 5x, Kings Point 2x and Columbia, SUNY Maritime, Dartmouth, Tufts and Brown once each.

Fordham and Columbia now co-host these two major 18-team regattas. The former attracts top teams from multiple conferences while the latter has become a very competitive, MAISA-NEISA event. Moreover, because of the synergy created by the FORDHAM-COLUMBIA joint venture, the MAISA Executive Committee has added the Rams and Lions as co-hosts of other important competitions, such as the MAISA Club Teams' Championship and the North Fall Qualifier for the WAR Memorial Fall Conference Championship. As Fordham and Columbia continue to collaborate, co-hosting more competitive events is anticipated.


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