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Student Leadership and Responsibility

Student Leadership and Responsibility

As a Club team, even with a full-time coach, Fordham student-athletes take responsibility for their program. “Without the active involvement and participation of our student-athletes over the past decade, our team would not be where it is today,” according to former Head Coach and current Director of Sailing Joe Sullivan.

Among the many responsibilities are:

•    The care and maintenance of two powerboats and a fleet of sailboats with an estimated replacement value of $150,000.
•    Maintaining a mature and professional relationship with the board and members of Morris Yacht & Beach Club
•    Coordinating transportation requirements with Club Sports 
•    Fundraising
•    Providing leadership and mentoring freshmen to help smooth the transition from high school to college life

*   Taking ownership of ones conduct and sublimating ones ego for the good of the team

While all team members are expected to contribute their time and talents to achieve the program's goals, a number of leadership opportunities exist, not the least are Team Co-Captain and Business Manager.

In 2010, in honor of their coach, the team donated the Joseph J. Sullivan, Jr. Leadership Award to...

“Recognize extraordinary leadership and achievement by an undergraduate, whose efforts have made a significant contribution to the development, progress and success of the Fordham University Sailing Team.”

“Demonstrated leadership over a period of years, rather than a single year, will receive the most serious consideration.”


2011 - PHILIP J. KRUG '11

2012 - EMMA M. PFOHMAN '13


Claire Sullivan '13 and Joe Sullivan '58

Also in 2010, in keeping with the Jesuits’ philosophy, “Men and Women for Others,” the Sailing Team entered into a partnership with the Childrens’ Tumor Foundation, a non-profit, medical foundation dedicated to “Ending Neurofibromatosis through Research.” NF is an incurable disorder, which can cause painful tumors to grow on nerve endings anywhere on or in the body. Its most common strain, NF1, affects one in every 3,000 children born. A team fundraising initiative raised $3,210 for research.

In another example of “Men and Women For Others,” in 2012, after Tropical Storm Sandy devastated many communities in the Greater New York Area, our student-athletes volunteered their time to help clean up the grounds at Morris Yacht & Beach Club and assist the owners of Sailmaker Marine on City Island, which had been particularly hard-hit, with their cleanup, as well.

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