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Jumping huddle from U19s
Rugby is one of the fastest growning sports across college campuses in the United States. Though a smaller squad, the passion of Fordham's players and coaches keeps the team thriving.
Being a member of Fordham Women's Rugby adds more to your college experience. From learning a new and challenging skill to being a part of a highly competitive squad, Fordham Rugby offers the opportunity to maintain fitness, make new friends, and defend Fordham pride.
Here, you'll find a little bit more about rugby from some of Fordham's players:
What is rugby?
"Rugby is different from any sport you've every played before. It contains elements from a variety of sports like soccer, basketball, and football, so our team benefits from players coming from a variety of athletic backgrounds. Rugby is a full-contact sport with little stoppage time. We play with 15 girls on the field at a time for 80 minutes - two 40-minute halves. Games are fast paced, exciting, and addicting -- I knew I was hooked on rugby after I made my first tackle." ~ Anna Gildea FCRH '13
Why did you decide to join rugby?
"I joined rugby because I had heard a lot about the sport and wanted to try it. When I found out Fordham had a team, I signed up. After my first practice, I loved the sport and the team so much I continued playing." ~ Shannon Keane, FCRH '15
Why do you play rugby?
"People are always asking, 'Why do you play rugby? Are you crazy or something?' The answer is simple. Rugby has given me a sense of strength, importance, and family that nothing else has. It has shown me that no matter how many times I am knocked down and defeated I have not only the ability, but also the repsonsibility to get back up. More importantly it has shown me that when I can't lift myself up I have a family of sisters and coaches to pick me up. I'm not only talking about what happens on the pitch. Fordham Women's Rugby is a lifestyle. To me it means attacking every obstacle life throws my way. It means physical, academic, mental, and emotional strength. To me, rugby says, 'Tackle me hard. Bring me down. Beat me up. Try to break me because EVERY challenge you present me with can and will be overcome and I will be a strong person because of it.'" ~ Kathryn Reddy, FCRH '14

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