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Women's Soccer


Fordham University Women's Club Soccer
2011 Women's Club Soccer on their home turf, Murphy Field at the Fordham Rose Hill campus
Background on the Sport:
The Women's Club Soccer team was created in the Fall of 2010 and has rapidly grown in the last two years. The team was established to provide an opportunity for those interested in playing soccer competitively in a more relaxed environment. Since its start, the team has grown and improved tremendously; it currently has twenty members and an undefeated record. The next big thing for the team is to join a college club league for the 2012-2013 year.
Historical Performance:
Though the team is young and has not had many opportunites to prove its skills, in the 2011-2012 season, the team played six games and maintained an undefeated record. In April 2012, the team travelled to Stony Brook University where it won its first tournament.
Prospective Athletes and Contacts:
The Women's Club Soccer team is excited to keep growing and is always looking for new players. Students interested in joining or acquiring more information should contact either the following via email or Facebook:
Team Captain: Jackie Gawne,
The team will be present at the Fall Club Faire on September 3rd and will hold tryouts on Friday, September 5, from 6:00 to 8:00pm; and Saturday, September 6, from a1:00am to 1:00pm.
The Women's Club Soccer team is a great opportunity to continue playing soccer competitively without the pressures that go along with being on an inter-collegiate team. It is a fun way to stay in shape, meet people with your same love for the game, and show your Fordham pride!
The team practices three times a week from 6:45 to 9:00pm (days are established at the beginning of the season, according to players' availability), and games are played on weekends throughout the semester. We like our team members to develop a sense of friendship, and have team-building activities throughout the year. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us or come to try-outs!

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