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The following rules apply for all sports.
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Staff Authority
  • The officials and supervisor's authority and jurisdiction will be in effect in and around the field of play.  There is no time limit to his or her responding to a situation.
  • A player may be warned and later ejected from the game for persistent sportsmanship violations.  Ejection from a game will result in a minimum of a one game suspension.  Determining reinstatement is at the discretion of the Coordinator of Intramurals after a personal interview with the offender. An ejected player shall not be replaced by another teammate for the duration of the game in question.
  • Any ejected person must contact the Coordinator by 11:00am, the next working day.  Failure to do so may cause that ejected person's team to be suspended from further play.
  • Fighting during an intramural game will result in an immediate ejection and suspension from all intramural sports for those persons involved.  In addition, those persons' teams will forfeit the remainder of the game. Suspension for fighting shall last one academic term at the minimum. Reinstatement is at the discretion of the Coordinator.
  • Any participant or spectator who attempts to, or actually threatens any official or supervisor is immediately suspended for life from participation and attendance at any Intramural-sponsored activity.
  • The officials have the authority to stop a game at any time to give a warning to players, managers, or spectators for unsportsmanlike conduct.  After one warning, the supervisor has the authority to forfeit the game.
  • The Intramural Coordinator has the authority to amend the severity of any disciplinary action as he sees fit without warning.


  • Once a team has forfeited twice, they will be dropped from the league.
  • Two defaults will equal one forfeit and will result in the team being dropped from the league.  (A default is defined as notice given to the Intramural office at least twelve hours in advance of a game.)
  • An appeal form may be filed to attempt to re-attain playoff status.


  • Games are played rain or shine. Stick to your league schedule.
  • The only weather hindrances are thunderstorms and extreme cold.
  • On-field supervisors will have the last word on weather cancellations.
  • The Intramural Coordinator will make every effort to re-schedule cancelled games.
  • Check the Intramural Home Page daily for weather related bulletins.

Player Eligibility
  • All participants must be current students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, or Lombardi Center members.  ID's must be presented whenever requested.
  • Players can participate on one Co-Rec team, and/or one men or women's team in a season. However, scheduling conflicts between leagues are the responsibility of the player. Additionally, if a player chooses to play in an A-League, that person is ineligible for a B-League team in the same sport.
  • No varsity athletes from related sports are eligible to play if they have played or lettered within two years of the intramural season in question. No person who has or had professional status may play in a related sport.

Start of Game
  • Game time is the starting time for intramural games.  There will be no grace period allowed.  The supervisor or official's watch is the official timepiece.

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