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Basketball Rules

5-on-5 Basketball Rules

  • The officials are in complete charge of the game.  Their judgment is not to be questioned or challenged in any way.
  • The captain's of each team are the only individuals allowed to speak with the officials throughout the course of the game.

Player Conduct
  • All players are to conduct themselves in an appropriate and sportsmanlike fashion. 
  • No player has the right to abuse verbally or physically officials, scorers, or other players.
  • The captain is responsible for the actions of each of his teammates.  Should anyone on a team get into a fight, that player's team will forfeit their season and lose their eligibility for the playoffs.

Players Eligibility
  • All participants are to be Lombardi Center members updated through the current year.  Ids must be presented when asked for.
  • Players may only participate in one Co-Rec team and one Men or Women's team.  You may not play on two Men's or two Women's teams.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in a forfeit for each of the games the offending person was involved in.

Number of Players and Substitutions
  • There is a maximum of five players on the floor at one time.  A minimum of three players may finish a game.  You must have at least four players to start a game.
  • The first and last names of all players must be on the game sheet with the appropriate numbers for the player.
  • Substitutions may only be made when there is a dead ball situation.  Substitutes must notify the officials when they want to enter a game.

Start of Game and Game Time
  • A 5-minute grace period from the scheduled starting time will be allowed before a forfeit is declared.  The referee's watch is the official timepiece.
  • Games are played with two 20-minute halves.  It will be running time except for the last two minutes of the second half when the clock will be stopped for all dead balls.
  • Halftime will be two minutes.
  • Each team will get two 30-second timeouts per half.  Timeouts do not carry over!

Overtime Games
  • In the event that regulation play ends in a tie, there will be a 5-minute (running time) overtime period. If the score still remains tied at the end of the overtime period, the game will be scored a tie.
  • T overtime periods will begin with a jump ball.  Alternating possessions will be used after the tip.
  • Only one 30-second timeout may be called in overtime.

Personal Fouls
  • A player will be allowed five fouls.  After receiving the fifth foul, the players must remove themselves from the game.
  • Technical fouls will count as personal fouls.  Two technical fouls will result in an automatic ejection.

Team Fouls
  • When a team commits its seventh personal foul in a half, the opposing team will be in the bonus situation.  The result of this will be the awarding of one and one free throws for each foul that is committed, excluding shooting fouls (two shots) and offensive fouls.

Flagrant Fouls
  • Any attempt to deliberately hurt or injure another player will carry the same penalty as a technical foul except the player committing the foul will be suspended for at least one league game and a maximum of the entire season.

Basic Playing Rules
  • No offensive player may remain in the foul lane for more than 3-seconds.
  • Dunking will be allowed in intramural games but any attempt to hang on the rim will result in an automatic technical foul (this is not a personal foul).
  • Only the captain may discuss an official's call.
  • Nets, wire, and other obstacles are out of bounds.


Rules remain the same as above. 
Teams must have at least one girl to start and continue a game.  Teams may not play with four of either sex at one time. 
Acceptable combinations are:

  • 3 Men / 2 Women
  • 2 Men / 3 Women
  • 3 Men / 1 Woman
  • 1 Man / 3 Women

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