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Cultural Clubs


The University prides itself on its cultural diversity.

Asian-Pacific American Coalition (APAC)

Enlightens student body about cultural, social, historical and intellectual p
ursuits of the Asian comunity.

Black Student Alliance (BSA)
Promoting education and cultural celebration within the African, African-American and Caribbean communities.

Desi – C.H.A.I. (Culture Honored Among Individuals)

Promotes awareness of Desi culture.

European Society
Gives insight to the different European nations and their cultures by participating in cultural events and activities.

Hellenic Society

Promotes awareness of Greek culture.

Jewish Students Organization (JSO)
Learn about Jewish culture, celebrate Jewish holidays, participate in communal activities and discuss relevant current events.

Middle Eastern Students Association (MESA)
Promote awareness of Middle Eastern culture, language, heritage and history.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)
Encourages awareness of the Muslim culture, religion and history.

Russian Forum
Bringing together Russian and non-Russian students interested in Russian and eastern European culture, history, and languages.

Student Organization of Latinos (SOL)
Provides the Hispanic community with academic support, leadership and community involvement.

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